Hey sicky!

October 29, 2012
Here's what I was planning to do today:

Wash dishes
Pull out meat for dinner
Write blog post
Make bed
Tidy family room
Dust all rooms
Vacuum house
Get ready
Watch 1-2 episodes of Lost
Clean bathroom
Fix boots
Decide on new shirt design
Go to Michaels for pipe cleaners
Go to DI for shirt skirt
Maybe go to Brook's
Make dinner
Scriptures when Andrew gets home
Plan for tomorrow's blog post

Here is what I will actually be doing today:

Let Grandma take care of me and Chelsea
Try not to get sick on her floor

Blah. Here are a couple of pictures for your viewing pleasure from the weekend. Chelsea is getting very good at sitting up!

You'd better believe that grass was headed for her mouth!


  1. Hey doll! Sorry I have not been around. Been tired and busy, and sick. Right now just tired. How have you been? Cute post, cutest baby, as always. :]

    1. Thanks Brani! I can relate! Hopefully this tired thing goes away soon! I hate being tired!


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