November 1, 2009

October 21, 2012
Alright! November 1, 2009 was about the time when Andrew and I started up our relationship again, and I've got a nice journal entry, but I want to give some background info first...
At BYU-Idaho, there are three semesters throughout the year and when you apply, you are given two of these semesters to attend. I was given Spring/Fall and Andrew was given Winter/Spring, so I was at BYU-I during the Fall and Andrew was home in California. That is why we broke up the first time. Here's what I wrote:

One of the hardest things for me when I first got to school was meeting Andrew's ex Cambria, and his sister Lauren. It was pretty intimidating first because Cambria was going into Health, and Lauren was going into Accounting. I felt pretty stupid when I told them that I was going into Elementary Education. :) Luckily, I got to know them very well throughout the semester and we became really good friends. Well, Lauren and I did, but I could never really talk to Cambria because I couldn't relate to this beautiful, tan, California convert girl. I still really liked her, though. She was very friendly, but it was easier for me to talk with Lauren.
Anyway, things were going fine. Then, what should happen but a familiar voice should call about two weeks into the semester? Andrew began to call me pretty often. I never would call him, but things started picking up again, but I started to get so frustrated because there were so many things that I wanted to say to him, but I didn't feel like I had the place because we were no longer dating. We were "just friends" (even though it is NOT possible to go from relationship back to friendship) and I couldn't do that, so I gave up and so did he. Again, we didn't talk for about a month, and then he started to call me again, but even more adamantly than before. He called or texted every day, and I'll admit that I liked it. We talked about everything. We teased each other, talked about serious things, asked each other questions about the others past, told stories, asked about the other's day, etc. It was nice to have someone that I could always talk to so easily, and someone that I could call whenever I liked who would listen to me no matter how stupid, tired, or whatever I was being. He always listened, and I knew that he cared.

To be continued...

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