June 20, 2017

Chelsea's 5th birthday!

Just one more! This blog is here to share what I learn, to *hopefully* inspire you to try something new, to spread the love of Peach-Rings around the world, and to document my family. The past three posts it's all about Chelsea, so... deal. ;)

Chelsea was really excited about her birthday this year and had her birthday party with friends totally and completely planned out. Unfortunately, her mother wasn't totally on board, so that party didn't exactly happen. But she did have a LOT of fun with friends that day and didn't say a word about not getting her Alicorn birthday party, so I guess the fun with friends that day sufficed!

Breakfast are basically the only photos I got, but I figure as long as we captured the girl and the decorations she set up for her own special day, we're good, right?

when they're being stinkers, I try to remember this picture. #mamaheartmelted

the coolest cats around!

I love having a five-year-old like you, Chels. Love you so much!
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June 18, 2017

Chelsea's 5-year interview

It's a month late, but here it is! Chelsea's 5-year interview! I love doing these interviews because I feel like you really get a feel for Chelsea's personality, and you get some pretty good blackmailing material for the future! ;)

So here's basically what I know about Chelsea: Her favorite parts of anything are everything, but she doesn't like anything. Make sense? No? Welcome to my world. ;)

Chelsea is athletic, competitive, tenacious, smart, energetic, passionate, and spirited through-and-through! She is my little helper, especially when it comes to Barrett. I never have to ask her to help twice when it comes to him. Their relationship is something special.

She likes sandwiches, but not the crusts.
Her favorite act of service is drawing pictures for others
She can write and spell her own name and "Mom"
Keeps us all active and busy
Likes to wear my makeup sometimes, especially the eye-shadow
Pretend play is her usual playtime activity, preferring babies and/or animals
Loves to make us all laugh

There are so many things that make Chelsea who she is, but I think the main things are her ability to forgive, her ability to make connections, her ability to feel emotions deeply, her athleticism, and her giving heart. She is constantly an example to me.

This video is definitely not one of my better creations (I was trying out a new software and I need A LOT more practice), but the main thing is that I get to hear and see her about her life after 5 years of living it!

I love her so much. Like, a hundred MILLION!
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May 28, 2017

Chelsea's 5-year photos!

She chose something other than pink! I think it's Pinterest that did it because when I was deciding what dress to make her this year, we looked on Pinterest for some inspiration and she picked a dress that had ruffles and was green, so there ya go.

Not gonna lie, when I finished it, I swear I could hear jingle bells ringing through the air. Haha! But it looks cute anyway!

And it passes the climbability test, so there's that.

Happy birthday (a month ago!) Chelsea!
P.S. Don't worry. A mushier post is coming! ;)

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May 17, 2017

Photography | My Purpose

A couple of weeks ago, I had the incredible experience of shooting a birth. Han and I first met at the CrEATe Donuts get-together almost two years ago in July and have strengthened our friendship via social media since. When we got together a couple of months before her due date, we decided to do a birth shoot together. I'd never done a birth shoot before but was excited to give it a shot (you see what I did there?)

It ended up being a totally unforgettable experience! Watching a birth is so much different than doing it yourself! When you're in the throws of delivery, you really don't notice who's in there or what they're doing. All you know is that there's a baby coming and you've gotta push. So when Han's MIL pressed the red button and about 7 people came running in, literally running, it was the perfect example of the phrase, "organized chaos."

And then he was here! And I got to capture it ALL! I got to see the transition from laughing between contractions to desperate concentration on staying relaxed and just breathing. I got to see the bond between a brand new mother and father with their child and I got to see the love, support, and amazing teamwork of Hannah and Stephen.

Ever since I started getting more serious about my photography and offering sessions, I struggled with figuring out where I "fit in." I enjoyed photographing newborns and families and had considered doing more with bloggers, but none of it really felt right.

I walked away from this shoot hours later and felt that I was meant to do this, not because I thought I did an amazing job or was super talented or anything, but because so much of what is required of a birth photographer aligns with everything that makes me, me and brings me such joy! I felt a real passion for it. I loved cheering Han on and encouraging her and watching the relationship between her and her husband. I loved capturing those moments and didn't mind at all that a lot of the time I was there was spent just waiting (I've always been good at waiting).

In short, I feel like taking these photos for Han and her family helped me realize my purpose, and it feels good to feel like I know where I belong and who I am and what I love. I am a birth photographer, and I can't wait to do more!

If you're pregnant (or know someone who is) and are interested in booking, please let me know! I'll only be taking 1-2 due dates per month. I'm still deciding what my rates will be, so stay tuned and send me an e-mail or PM on one of my social media interfaces if you'd like to set up a shoot or are just so excited to be pregnant you want to tell someone who will be equally excited!!!

Love you all so much and thanks for your continued love and support! And don't forget to visit Han at Merry Happy Blog and on Instagram to show her some love and say congrats!
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