Wrap Dress | Tutorial

It feels SO GOOD to be writing a tutorial again! It has been way too long, but with my graphic design class wrapping up (this is my last week!) I feel like I can finally give my blog and my readers (you!) the TLC that it needs!

I've absolutely loved taking the online graphic design course via BYU-Idaho and learning about the elements of design that make up a beautiful work of art and I have LOVED getting to know Adobe Illustrator. Hopefully I'll be able to use it effectively to teach/show you how to make the dress I made  for yourself!

You'll need:
About *3 yards of fabric (stretchy fabric is best)
Measuring tape
Matching thread
Loose fitting V-neck (for reference/pattern making)

*this may vary depending on the length of the circle skirt you're making, your waist measurement, and your pattern placement skills.

You'll need to cut one bodice piece, two flutter sleeves, a tie, a circle skirt, and TWO bodice front pieces. Use a loose-fitting v-neck shirt that you like to create the pattern for the bodice, then draw a line that extends from the point of the v-neck to about 4 or five inches below your armpit. To calculate the opening of the circle skirt, determine the circumference of the bodice opening, then use the formula for Circumference (C=2πr or C=πd). Measure about a half inch in from that measurement (for seam allowance) and cut the opening of the circle skirt. Measure from the opening of the skirt out to the length you want your skirt (Mine was about 18" long).

Step 1: Hem the top of the bodice front pieces (the swooping neckline parts) and the neckline of the bodice back piece, then lay your bodice front pieces one on top of the other, right side to wrong side, aligning the edges. Use a straight stitch to sew the two pieces together as indicated above. You won't need to use a zig zag (or lightning) stitch if you're using stretchy fabric unless you want to.

Step 2: Sew the shoulder seams of the bodice front and bodice back together (right-sides together) with a straight stitch.

Step 3: Lay the bodice pieces out flat (as indicated) then find the center of the sleeve and begin pinning the sleeve around the arm hole with right sides together. I'll be adding a how-to flutter sleeve tutorial in the very near future!

Step 4: Use a straight stitch to sew around the arm hole with the sleeve attached.

Step 5: Turn the entire bodice so that it's inside-out. Pin the sleeves and sides together then use a straight stitch to sew as indicated. Turn the bodice right-side out.

Step 6: Slide the bodice inside the circle skirt portion (remember, C=2πr or C=πd) with right sides together and pin. Sew the bodice to the skirt with a straight stitch. Hem the skirt and the sleeves.

Step 7: Fold the tie in half, hot-dog style with right sides together, pin, then use a straight stitch to sew along the long edge. Turn it right-side-out, fold the raw edges inside each end, pin, then sew with a straight stitch. My tie dimensions were about 2.5x84" because I used fabric from around the circle skirt when I realized I cut it too long. Just make it long enough to go around your waist once (or twice) then tie with a little leftover to hang down.

I wore this dress yesterday and it is definitely a good one for summer! Those flutter sleeves and the circle skirt provide the perfect amount of airiness that's perfect for this time of year. Watch out for strong winds, though because this baby would *whooosh!!!* ;)

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts! Have you ever had a "skirt and stiff breeze" experience? I promised in my Instagram account that I'd share mine. It's not exactly a "stiff breeze" but entertaining nonetheless!

Imagine your 7th grade self getting up the courage to wear a skirt to school one day. You put on your most confident smile as you walk from class to class while everyone is watching you walk by and wondering why you look like you just came from church. And then, you see that patch of ice, right at that corner of the sidewalk that everyone just walks over. You know, the one with the dead grass because nobody follows the sidewalk at a right angle.

Anyway, you see the patch of ice and the idea flashes through your mind that maybe you shouldn't walk on it, but you're wearing your confident smile today, plus, there's a whole hoard of fellow pimple-ridden Sevies behind you and beside you that there's really no way of avoiding it. So you chance it...

Your foot hits the ice, right at that sweet spot. Pens, pencils, and books with their doodled-all-over book covers go flying in the air as you land flat on your back, your skirt up by your ears.

Confident. Smile. Gone.

Haha! Fortunately, there weren't actually that many people around and I was able to get up rather quickly, but I learned a very valuable lesson that day: Do not wear skirts to school when there's ice on the premises!

Head over to my Instagram if you have a funny story like this to share, or comment below!

Birth Photography | Wahlstrom C-Section

So the thing I love about Megan is that since taking her birth photos, we have hung out three times and she's not afraid to point out my mom fails. Haha! Everyone needs that friend in their lives that will just say it as it is!

We met when I was contacted by a friend via a photography facebook group who asked if I would be the backup photographer if she wasn't able to make it. Well, things worked out and now, about two months later, we have almost weekly pool parties together! Part of what makes my job so awesome is that I get to meet and make new friends! Plus, it turned out that we shared a common friend-connection, so that's pretty fun!

The unique thing about this birth (well, one of them) is that this was a c-section and I wasn't allowed in the operating room. It was really neat to *sort of* experience a c-section and see the prep and recovery process. To those who have c-sections, I salute you. Childbirth is not an easy thing, no matter how you do it!

One obstacle in this shoot was having to shoot through the glass window into the nursery, but I feel that I got some beautiful photos despite!

The look in the family's eyes when they meet that little one for the first time is my favorite part of this business. That and hearing their stories, which Megan was more than willing to share when she was all drugged up. ;) #chattycathy But seriously. I love hearing people's stories.

Day 2:

I'm not going to lie, my favorite part is when the siblings meet the new baby!

If you're on the fence about getting a birth photographer for your birth (the most common excuse is that you don't want your other kids to feel "jipped") get off the fence and just do it! When your kids are older you can explain that it wasn't as common when they were born or you didn't know any photographers at the time or you wished you could have. They'll understand. Just send me a message via instagram, e-mail, facebook, wherever and let's have a baby! Well, you have the baby, I'll just capture it in all of its awesomeness! And if you're not into capturing the "during" portion of a birth, do a fresh 48 (a photoshoot within 48 hours of baby's birth).

P.S. I have a goal of doing 5 photography shoots (doesn't just have to be birth!) before the end of July! The first 3 people to book with me will receive a $25 discount! Here's what I'm charging currently:

30-60 minute Family session: $150
10-20 edited images
30 minute Maternity session: $75
10-20 edited images
30-45 minute Engagement session: $125
10-20 edited images
50-75 edited images
10-20 edited images
Senior session: $100 (price may vary due to number of locations)
20-30 edited images (may vary)
Fashion: $20/outfit or $50 for 3 outfits (promotion exempt)
10-20 edited images (may vary)

You can contact me via any of my social medias, or send an e-mail to chevronandlace(at)gmail(dot)com. Can't wait to hear from you!

Senior Photography | Nicole

You know it's going to be a good session when your client skips out on class early so you can have the best lighting, pulls up to your house with a giant easel sticking out of her car window, executes a perfect wardrobe change IN THE MIDDLE of a public walkway, introduces you to the most perfect artistic location in Salt Lake City, and the very first click of the camera produces an image like this.

Mmmm hmm! Nicole is my new favorite person.

She told me that the woman with glasses and purple face was her bestie. Haha!

Definitely the kind of person I'd hang out with again. Good luck out there, Nicole! And if you're interested in booking a shoot with me, send me an e-mail!

I really need to update that e-mail address...

Chelsea's 5th birthday!

Just one more! This blog is here to share what I learn, to *hopefully* inspire you to try something new, to spread the love of Peach-Rings around the world, and to document my family. The past three posts it's all about Chelsea, so... deal. ;)

Chelsea was really excited about her birthday this year and had her birthday party with friends totally and completely planned out. Unfortunately, her mother wasn't totally on board, so that party didn't exactly happen. But she did have a LOT of fun with friends that day and didn't say a word about not getting her Alicorn birthday party, so I guess the fun with friends that day sufficed!

Breakfast are basically the only photos I got, but I figure as long as we captured the girl and the decorations she set up for her own special day, we're good, right?

when they're being stinkers, I try to remember this picture. #mamaheartmelted

the coolest cats around!

I love having a five-year-old like you, Chels. Love you so much!

Chelsea's 5-year interview

It's a month late, but here it is! Chelsea's 5-year interview! I love doing these interviews because I feel like you really get a feel for Chelsea's personality, and you get some pretty good blackmailing material for the future! ;)

So here's basically what I know about Chelsea: Her favorite parts of anything are everything, but she doesn't like anything. Make sense? No? Welcome to my world. ;)

Chelsea is athletic, competitive, tenacious, smart, energetic, passionate, and spirited through-and-through! She is my little helper, especially when it comes to Barrett. I never have to ask her to help twice when it comes to him. Their relationship is something special.

She likes sandwiches, but not the crusts.
Her favorite act of service is drawing pictures for others
She can write and spell her own name and "Mom"
Keeps us all active and busy
Likes to wear my makeup sometimes, especially the eye-shadow
Pretend play is her usual playtime activity, preferring babies and/or animals
Loves to make us all laugh

There are so many things that make Chelsea who she is, but I think the main things are her ability to forgive, her ability to make connections, her ability to feel emotions deeply, her athleticism, and her giving heart. She is constantly an example to me.

This video is definitely not one of my better creations (I was trying out a new software and I need A LOT more practice), but the main thing is that I get to hear and see her about her life after 5 years of living it!

I love her so much. Like, a hundred MILLION!

Chelsea's 5-year photos!

She chose something other than pink! I think it's Pinterest that did it because when I was deciding what dress to make her this year, we looked on Pinterest for some inspiration and she picked a dress that had ruffles and was green, so there ya go.

Not gonna lie, when I finished it, I swear I could hear jingle bells ringing through the air. Haha! But it looks cute anyway!

And it passes the climbability test, so there's that.

Happy birthday (a month ago!) Chelsea!
P.S. Don't worry. A mushier post is coming! ;)

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