Doula Chats: But What About the Vitamin K?

September 1, 2022

After your baby is born, there are three what I call "baby interventions" that all parents need to consider beforehand and decide if they want them. The Hep B Vaccine, Eye Ointment, and Vitamin K shot.

As I began my research on these interventions, it was clear to me early on that Hep B, and the eye ointment weren't necessary for my babies or my clients babies. Both were really only necessary for babies who are at risk of contracting Gonorrhea or Chlamydia from their mother (eye ointment), or some kind of STD (Hep B). On top of that, eye ointment hinders mother-child bonding and, aesthetically speaking, make for poor photos of baby.

But what about the Vitamin K? If it's just a vitamin, it shouldn't hurt, right?

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