Happy Halloween!

October 31, 2012
Happy Halloweeeeeen! This was my absolute favorite song in elementary school to sing about Halloween!

Here's another favorite! Last year for Halloween I was in a first grade classroom with my fantastic little first graders. No, these ones aren't mine, but they remind me of my students and I sure do miss them!

No joke, Halloween was my inspiration for learning how to sew. Every year for Halloween, my mom would take me to the fabric store and let me look through the magazines until I found the costume I wanted for Halloween and then she would make it for me. I have been a princess, a witch, a southern bell (one of my favorites!), and a few others. I've always wanted to be able to do the same for my little girl.
Well, this first Halloween's costume isn't anything huge for our little Chelsea, but it was fun to dress up this weekend for a party with my side of the family.

 This is what Andrew and I made for the get-together appetizer.

 Can you guess what we were?

Ta-da! Farmers and a sack of Potatoes! I know. I got REALLY creative!

Happy Halloween!

Today is Halloween!
And don't you think it's keen?
We get dressed up
And with some luck,
Our neighbors won't be mean!

We'll get ourselves some treats!
The King Size can't be beat!
If they say no,
Then off we go
To the next house on the street!


October 30, 2012
Sorry this post is a little late. Like I said in my post yesterday, I've gotten sick. It's mostly better today, but I'm feeling a little weak. Luckily, Andrew and I live very close to his loving grandmother who took care of me and Chelsea yesterday. There is something truly special about mothers which is why today for Tune in Tuesday I chose "Capri" by Colbie Caillat.

Something you may not know about me is that I'm the last child of twelve children in my family. I can only imagine the love and patience that is required to raise twelve children, especially twelve with such huge personalities like are in my family!
I never realized how much love my mother must have for me until I had a daughter of my own. I love my little girl so much and would do anything for her. I suppose that's why my mother has sacrificed so much for me. Every day I am grateful for what my mother has done and continues to do for me and our family. I hope that I can remember all of things she taught me and her wonderful example. I hope that I can become the woman and mother that she believes I can be. I hope I can be half the woman and mother that she is. Thanks, Mom.


Hey sicky!

October 29, 2012
Here's what I was planning to do today:

Wash dishes
Pull out meat for dinner
Write blog post
Make bed
Tidy family room
Dust all rooms
Vacuum house
Get ready
Watch 1-2 episodes of Lost
Clean bathroom
Fix boots
Decide on new shirt design
Go to Michaels for pipe cleaners
Go to DI for shirt skirt
Maybe go to Brook's
Make dinner
Scriptures when Andrew gets home
Plan for tomorrow's blog post

Here is what I will actually be doing today:

Let Grandma take care of me and Chelsea
Try not to get sick on her floor

Blah. Here are a couple of pictures for your viewing pleasure from the weekend. Chelsea is getting very good at sitting up!

You'd better believe that grass was headed for her mouth!


December 21, 2009

October 28, 2012
This is where it starts to get REALLY complicated. Andrew and I started calling each other again on November 1, 2009 but by the time Thanksgiving came around, I wasn't feeling confident about our relationship. Here's what I wrote.

Despite all the joy I felt when I talked to him, I continued to get the feeling that Andrew and I should no longer be talking as often as we were. So, during Thanksgiving break, I called Andrew and told him that we needed to not talk so often. He was bummed, but not devastated. One part of the conversation went like this:
"You know what makes me really mad?" Andrew asked.
"What?" I replied.
"Never mind. You'll be mad."
"No. Andrew, just tell me. What?"
"I just know that when you go down to BYU some other *inappropriate term* is going to get you."
"Well, you never know."
"No. I do know," was his reply.
We wrapped up the conversation and said goodbye.
This not talking so often thing didn't work out so well. Two days after this, he texted me to wish me a Happy Thanksgiving and I engaged him in conversation and things began to roll again. I wanted to let it, but again, I felt that I needed to break things off, but completely. I ignored the feeling for a while, but a week later called him up and broke it off completely.
The week after that wasn't horrible. Yes, I did get lonely sometimes and wished that I could talk to him, but it wasn't horrible. I told my feelings to Lauren (Andrew's sister), who had become a pretty close friend.
On Sunday night, Lauren came over. She told me that she had talked to Andrew on facebook. She told me that she felt like we had kind of just broken things off without really talking it out and she felt like we really needed to just lay everything out on the table. She also told me that she liked me and she didn't want Andrew to screw it up with me. She said that she had never seen Andrew like anyone as much as he liked me, so she, being the protective sister, wanted her brother to have what he wanted to have.
So when she talked to Andrew, she told him that she thought that the reason why I wanted to break things off was because of his lack of commitment. She asked him,
"Andrew, would you be willing to commit to a long-distance relationship with Susan?"
"Oh. 100%. 150%," was his reply. She told him that she thought that he should call me then. He agreed and told her that he would call me the next day.
I had no idea what to do. I had made the decision not to talk to him and I was doing okay until then. I decided that I wasn't angry, though. There would be no point. What was done was done. The only thing that I had to decide was what I was going to do next. I had 24 hours to think about what I wanted and what I would do, so after stressing about it for a while, I finally went to bed and decided not to really think about it too much until after all of my classes the next day.
I decided that that night when he called me, I would tell him everything that I was feeling and ask him exactly how he was feeling. He told me that he thought I was amazing because I made him want to be a better person.
"Take one hand and put it at eye-level. Okay? Are you doing it?"
"Yes. *giggle*"
"Good. Now take your other hand and reach it as high as you can. You are the really high hand. That's where you are. When I met you, I was the eye-level hand. Now I'm raising to your level. You make me want to be better."
He also told me other reasons why he liked me (talented at singing, dancing, sewing, cooking, etc.). He told me that he had never thought that maybe the reason why I had wanted to cut things off was because of his lack of commitment, so he just wanted to let me know that he was willing to commit to a long-distance relationship, no matter the cost. He was willing to do that. He wanted to do that because I was worth it.
It was hard for me to hear that, because I had already decided that a long-distance relationship was not what I was going to do. I told him this and then asked him how he was feeling. He said that he was okay with it. He had been hoping for a different answer, but he understood. So, instead of not having any contact at all, we started to talk again.

*And finally, December 21, 2009. After two or three half break-ups that lasted one or two days, a week at most, this is the real deal. Our for sure break up. This is my side of what happened.

I still wasn't sure if I had made the right decision. I didn't really feel badly about talking to Andrew anymore, but I was so worried that maybe Andrew and I weren't supposed to long-distance date, but we needed to keep in touch just in case of the future... I didn't know. I decided that I couldn't really decide anything until I saw him again, but I called Andrew to talk about it. As I told him about why I was confused, a thought came to me that maybe I had needed to cut it off with Andrew completely because Andrew needed to realize how important our relationship was. Just as I thought it, Andrew said the exact same thing.
Finals finally finished and I went home. A couple of days after returning home, I talked to Mom and Dad about the whole situation and decided on a few things:
Long distance would be bad because I wouldn't be dating other boys
I'm 19-years-old
I'm starting a "new life" at BYU Provo
I might be unhappy and moaning and pining
Having Andrew coming to see me and talking to him every once in a while would be unfair of me because it'd be like every time something goes wrong with me and some other guy, Andrew becomes my fall back. It wouldn't be right of me to use him like that.
So I decided to break it off completely, meaning absolutely no-communication. That's what I did. The next day, I called and told him all of my reasons for breaking up. Andrew fought harder this time than the times before. He told me that he knew the dangers that he would be getting into, and he was okay with that. He was willing to take that risk because I was worth it to him. I argued that maybe that was how he felt now, but what about in the future? Would he regret it? He said no, but I disagreed.
"Yes, Andrew. Yes, you would. What if you wasted all that time waiting for someone and nothing worked out?" He told me again that he was willing to take the risk, but I wasn't. I wasn't willing to take that risk at his sake. This might sound cheesy, but I care about him too much to risk that.

*Hand slapping forehead*

So things were broken off completely. When I hung up the phone, that's when I broke down. I started hyperventilating and crying hysterically. It was so hard, and I still don't know if it was the right decision, but I've been trying hard just to do it, and I'm pretty sure that I'm failing again. Not horribly, but I still have talked to him a bit since then. Not on the phone, but over facebook a little and texting. He told me that he still wanted to give me my present that he had gotten me for Christmas

*A present he had not yet purchased. That little sneaky sneak!

and wondered if he should just mail it or if he could still give it to me in Provo as we had planned before. I said Provo because it would be easier, and I still wanted to give him his present as well, so we're going to see each other on the second and I don't know what will happen. It could answer a lot of questions, but it could create a whole lot of new ones. I don't know...
My main concern is that Andrew is the right one for me and I'm ruining it.

Now here are my thoughts with the beauty of hindsight.
I was extremely wobbly in my decisions. You may think of me as a silly little girl that can't do what she says and say what she means. You may think I'm weak. You may read this and laugh (go ahead! I laugh at myself all the time!), or you might just shake your head. If that's how you feel, that's okay! In many ways, you're right! I was a 19-year-old girl that didn't have a clue where her life was going or what she really wanted. All I can say is that Andrew must love me a lot if I can put him through an emotional roller coaster like this one, and to his credit, he must be a pretty amazing guy to keep winning me back!


Daring Fall to think of Spring

October 26, 2012
Fridays are quickly becoming my favorite blog post of the week! I love going on to Polyvore and creating new outfits!
I know Fall is one of the favorite seasons of the year, but I often find myself lost in the whiles of Spring...

Daring Fall to think of Spring

And while I'm at it, I might as well post some photos from the summer that I never got a chance to, featuring some DI-find high-waisted, bright pink shorts!

Weekend Plans:

1. Finish up Halloween costumes.
2. Make some deeeeeelicious Creamy White Chili for the Chili cook-off tonight!
3. Go grocery shopping to get ingredients for said chili.
4. Also get ingredients for Swamp Guacamole for Halloween party this weekend.
5. Win Chili cook-off competition!
6. Enjoy spending time with family at said Halloween party.
7. Get some goooooood sleeps!

Happy Friday! Hope it's a productive one!

The Fluffiest Belgian Waffles

October 25, 2012
Good morning! Thought I'd share with you one of my favorite things about mornings: Breakfast!
And not just any breakfast, but one of the best breakfasts you can think of... Fluffy Belgian Waffles! The fluffiest!



2.5 c. sifted flour
4 Tbs. sugar
2 tsp. baking powder
1/2 tsp. salt
3 eggs
2 c. milk
1/2 c. vegetable oil

1. Sift together 2.5 c. flour, 4 T. sugar, 2 tsp. baking powder, and 1/2 tsp. salt.

2. Separate the egg whites and the yoke into two different bowls. Set the egg whites aside and beat the egg yokes.

3. Add the milk and oil.

4. combine with sifted dry ingredients and mix well.

5. Beat the egg whites to a thick foam. This is what really makes them fluffy!

6. Add the egg white "foam" gently to the rest of your preparation.

7. Now that your batter is ready, all that's left is to plug in your Belgian Waffle maker and get cookin'! It shouldn't need more than 4 minutes.

Top off your waffles with something delicious! I really enjoy strawberries and whipped cream on top of mine, but sometimes classic is the way to go.


And why not enjoy some music while you're at it? I'll give you a choice, or listen to both!


My best poem

October 23, 2012
Today I want to re-post my favorite poem that I've written. I wrote it a few months ago when I was ridiculously sick and, well... You can guess what symptoms I was experiencing.

My Nose is a Hose
by: Sue

My name is Rose,
And just so you know,
I’m the girl with
A hose for a nose!

It happens once
Or twice, so I’m told,
Whether you’re young,
Or whether you’re old

We all have to face
The sickness called:

With sneezing and wheezing
And every cough
You gotta admit,
Being sick’s pretty rough!

But back to my nose,
The one like a hose.
The one that tends
To mess up my clothes!

When lying in bed
And trying to sleep,
You’d think that my nose
Would be pretty beat!

But on it runs,
Not a switch to be found,
All over the bed,
Then onto the ground!

Getting ready for school
Has never been worse!
I decide to try
To brush my teeth first.

I open the door
And flip on the light.
I turn on the faucet,
But something’s not right!

Instead of water
Coming out of the tap,
It’s out of my nose
And into my lap!

At breakfast I tried
Not to let my nose run,
But that mean cold
Took away my fun!

My nose started dripping
All into my food
I could tell that this cold
Would ruin my mood!

I thought that at school
I’d be quite alright,
But my nose was acting
The same as last night!

The crayons got all wet,
The paper did, too.
The floor got slick
And the paint turned to goo!

Miss Nelson said
"You can't stay at school!
You're making a mess
With all your hose-drool!"

She sent for the nurse,
Who examined my face.
She snapped her fingers and said,
“Solved the case!”

In the note she sent home,
She prescribed lots of rest.
Soups and meds
I’d put to the test.

I slept in my bed,
I ate all my soup,
I didn’t complain
'bout the medicine goop.

The next morning I woke,
I stretched and yawned.
I touched my face.
The hose was gone!

No more snivels,
No more snuffs
Thank goodness for
The soups and stuff!

I hopped out of bed
And ran to my mom.
I opened my mouth
To sing, "It's gone!"

But nothing came out!
Not a single note.
With sadness, I thought,
"My throat has a coat!"

What do you think? Would you read this to your kids?


Tune in Tuesday for Taylor

Seeing as Taylor Swift's new album "Red" just came out, I felt it only fitting that today's Tune in Tuesday was her new hit. I'm going to be honest with you, though... Taylor Swift is not always my favorite artist. Just hear me out before you go all crazy and never read my blog again! Here's my story.

When I went to BYU Provo for a semester in 2010, I had a roommate who all she listened to was Taylor Swift. If that wasn't enough to turn me off to T-Swift, it was made worse by the fact that this roommate only ever listened to the sad songs and would declare, "Taylor gets me! This describes my life perfectly. Oh woe is me!" Okay, so maybe she didn't say that last sentence, but she may as well have.

Anyway, my point is, this turned me off to Taylor Swift because I felt like all she sang were sad songs and I didn't want to listen to sad songs! I wanted to  listen to happy songs!

Well, as time has past and I've forgotten my distaste during that period of my life, I have grown to like Taylor Swift more. I feel like she's one of the few good role-models for young girls and I'm impressed by her artistic abilities. I'll just stick mostly to her happy songs.


It's another giveaway!

October 22, 2012
Hey everybody! My friend Jennifer over at Grist and Moxie is hosting a HUGE giveaway! You really ought to check it out! I've definitely been scoping it out and I hope I win! Of course if you don't sign up, maybe I have a better chance of winning... Hmmm... On second thought, visit the blog, but don't sign up!

Weekend as a college student again. Sort of.

It's Monday! The weekend is over and I'm glad to be home! It was a crazy little trip! Here are some of the things we did...

1. Chelsea and I stayed with Andrew's sister, Kara and her roommates for the weekend (I didn't want to spend $200.00 on a hotel). I was worried that Chelsea would cry a lot in the night and wake up Kara's roommates, but luckily Chelsea was very well behaved and the girls were mostly just glad to see and play with a baby again! I guess you don't interact with them as much in college.
2. Andrew and I got to see some of the changes that have been made to the campus since last year. In one short year, BYU-Idaho has really come a long way!
3. We got to visit with my cousin and best bud, Liz! I don't get to see her nearly enough and it's never for very long either. But it was fun to visit and were able to discuss a new inspirational blog she's starting. Can't wait to have a button for it to share!
4. Watched the BYU/Notre Dame football game. Surprise surprise. What a disappointment.
5. Explored Kara's hotel-like apartment complex. They had a lobby up front, multiple conference rooms with big, luxurious couches and huge TVs. Plus a large workout room with all the latest and greatest equipment and even a dance studio! *Spoiled*
6. Tried not to get blown away in the Idaho wind (I forgot how windy it gets in Rexburg)!
7. Visited some really great friends, Joyce and Jason! They're pregnant with a little boy, due in a couple of months, and I can not WAIT!
8. Andrew went off-roading with his brother, his brother's roommate, and cousin in a huge jeep while I went with Kara to Sammy's for some delicious pie shakes (pumpkin cheesecake = Yummmmm!)
9. Waited... and waited... and waited for Andrew and the boys to get back so I could say goodnight. Turns out they got stuck in the mud.
10. Luckily someone in a jeep with a winch found them (winch - cord and machine connected to the front of the jeep like on "Jurassic Park").
11. Watched "Hocus Pocus" with Kara and her rommates and went to bed.
12. Drove home the next day.

It was a great weekend and so far it doesn't appear that Chelsea's schedule has been too screwed up. In fact, she went to bed better last night than she has in previous nights! Hopefully this keeps up. Here are some pictures. Not many, but some.

Andrew's glam shot. Cute, right? *dripping sarcasm*

 Circus act

 She's started this "biting my lower lip" thing. SO cute!

It was really fun to go back to my college town, but it made me realize how much I've grown. It's definitely not my scene anymore and can I tell you how weird it was to be walking around a college apartment complex with a baby?
Part of the fun was spending time with Kara and her roommates (all new freshman) and recognizing the same ideas and feelings that existed when I was a new freshman. I loved college, but that part of my life is over and I'm so happy to be in this new stage of life as a mother and homemaker.


November 1, 2009

October 21, 2012
Alright! November 1, 2009 was about the time when Andrew and I started up our relationship again, and I've got a nice journal entry, but I want to give some background info first...
At BYU-Idaho, there are three semesters throughout the year and when you apply, you are given two of these semesters to attend. I was given Spring/Fall and Andrew was given Winter/Spring, so I was at BYU-I during the Fall and Andrew was home in California. That is why we broke up the first time. Here's what I wrote:

One of the hardest things for me when I first got to school was meeting Andrew's ex Cambria, and his sister Lauren. It was pretty intimidating first because Cambria was going into Health, and Lauren was going into Accounting. I felt pretty stupid when I told them that I was going into Elementary Education. :) Luckily, I got to know them very well throughout the semester and we became really good friends. Well, Lauren and I did, but I could never really talk to Cambria because I couldn't relate to this beautiful, tan, California convert girl. I still really liked her, though. She was very friendly, but it was easier for me to talk with Lauren.
Anyway, things were going fine. Then, what should happen but a familiar voice should call about two weeks into the semester? Andrew began to call me pretty often. I never would call him, but things started picking up again, but I started to get so frustrated because there were so many things that I wanted to say to him, but I didn't feel like I had the place because we were no longer dating. We were "just friends" (even though it is NOT possible to go from relationship back to friendship) and I couldn't do that, so I gave up and so did he. Again, we didn't talk for about a month, and then he started to call me again, but even more adamantly than before. He called or texted every day, and I'll admit that I liked it. We talked about everything. We teased each other, talked about serious things, asked each other questions about the others past, told stories, asked about the other's day, etc. It was nice to have someone that I could always talk to so easily, and someone that I could call whenever I liked who would listen to me no matter how stupid, tired, or whatever I was being. He always listened, and I knew that he cared.

To be continued...

Weekend Plans

October 19, 2012
It's the weekeeeeeeennnd! So excited for this one because I've got some pretty good plans... That might backfire... We'll see how it goes, but first! Here's a photo from last weekend.

Weekend Plans:

1. Clean my house. It's not exactly a mess... Who am I kidding? It's a mess.
2. Pack. Believe it or not, once you've got another little extra person, packing suddenly becomes a two or three hour chore!
3. Go to... Rexburg!
4. Visit with all my Rexburgian friends/College friends. I'm coming for you!
5. Hopefully not kill Chelsea's nap and feeding schedule. This week has been crazy with her scheduling and I don't think taking a trip is going to help anything, so I hope it'll be worth it!
6. Show off my babe to all my old professors and the extremely baby hungry college students. I hope she doesn't get eaten alive or spoiled by the attention!
7. Get some photos of the special places Andrew and I had together. You know, all the places that are special to every couple at BYU-Idaho?
8. Get home safely and go to church on Sunday!

So it's going to be an interesting weekend, that's for sure, but I look forward to it! Not sure what to do with your weekend? Click on the link and go get some ideas!


Oh! and I created a new outfit on Polyvore! What do you think?

Navy and Pearls

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