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You get two births two weeks in a row because I shot them both on the SAME DAY! Within 15 minutes of each other. Not even kidding. Luckily they were both in the same hospital, so I was "Father of the Bride" -ing up and down the hall to each family. I'm sure the nurses thought I was hilarious, except the one that was just really confused to have seen me at one birth, then see me again at another one. In that case, I thought that she was hilarious. ;)

One thing I love about birth photography is that each birth is as different and unique as the baby himself! Thank goodness they look different, too, or I might have given the wrong pictures to their mamas!

Mari and I have been friends since my little family lived in the basement of a rental house in North Salt Lake in 2012. She's is very much responsible for where I am today in my photography. We got our camera's together, learned how to use them together (well, she got hers first then basically taught me everything), took INCREDIBLY embarrassing "fashion" photos for our blogs together when we first got started... I feel like our friendship revolves around self-improvement, style, motherhood, and me asking her for advice on EVERYTHING. Basically she's the best friend anyone could ask for.

Anyway, taking photos at her birth was such an honor for me and the perfect opportunity to give back a little of the kindness that she's always shown me, and being with her throughout the birth was a lot like any other time we hang out. We talked and laughed and she looked at my photos and gave me encouragement and was 100% Mariasha. When it came time to push, the dynamic changed from light-heartedness to focused concentration and in-human super strength. I barely had time to capture anything!

And then the best part came, when they placed that sweet baby boy on his mother's chest, and the bond between them was as if it had been there all along. It's one of the most beautiful scenes I have ever witnessed. Truly.

So now this mama of two boys is a mama of three!

I love what I do. I love that I got to do it for my two best friends. Life is a gift and a miracle, no matter how it comes, and I know that being there to tell their stories is something I'm meant to do.


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Oh! And P.S. Remember this ladies? and this? and this? :') I'm such a spazz, but it was a great night! Who would've thought back then that the two of you would have sons that share the same birthday?

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The room was absolutely silent. Six people and not one of us made a peep as Ashley took each wave with perfect grace. Even though she told me later that her body was screaming through all the silence, the best way I can describe her birth story is beautiful and even sacred.

Ashley is a dear friend whom I have known for almost 5 years, which sounds like a long time, but also feels like we've known each other so much longer! I played a part in her birth story a couple of years ago when her third baby was born (brought her a slushie), but this time I was honored to be able to capture the birth of her fourth.

One thing I love about this story is that as I edited the images, I noticed a change from the raw, dramatic, painful emotion of the photos when Ashley is in labor to the joyous moment of deliverance and family togetherness! That change in editing style just seemed right to me and is part of the way I tell their story.

Having known Ashley for such a long time made taking photos of this birth a little different than the others. It was just a little harder to watch her meet each wave of pain and wish that I could give her whatever energy I could spare to overcome each one! I like to think I got just a little taste of what the husbands experience, since Danny told me that he had the same wish to share his energy.

Watching the relationship and the strength that comes from it between the husband and wife is one of my favorite parts of a birth shoot. Danny was there for Ashley 110% to rub her back, to get in her face and encourage her, and do whatever he possibly could to help!

Then finally the baby arrives and the mama feels like she's just conquered the world. Ashley described it as "Triumphant" and I definitely agree.

And then the siblings come to meet their new baby brother. Alllllll the heart-eyes for this part.

I cannot describe the feelings I have for capturing these precious moments. Each birth story is as unique and beautiful as the baby that comes from it. It's the beginning of a life that is filled with potential and the beginning of a new chapter for the family that welcomes him. There's nothing I'd rather do than be there for those moments.


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