Hey! Have a Peach Ring and pull up a chair! I'm Sue, the author and creator of this place where I foster all kinds of interests and passions, from Photography and Sewing to Popcorn with Orange Juice (yum!) and Peach Rings!
A few years ago when I was in college (*wink *wink), I decided to audition for a World Dance Team at my school. With very little experience in cultural forms of dance and even less experience with clogging, I knew I was crazy, but my Dad told me "If you don't try, you're guaranteed not to make it." So I tried-out and, miraculously, I made it!
I've tried to live my life with that kind of outlook ever since, and that's kind of the whole reason I started this blog and named it "Sue's News." Not just because it rhymed and was cute, but because I'm all about trying new things even if you don't feel very confident about it, because you never know when the auditioner will just happen to look at you the one time you get that dance step right, or when you'll discover that being a birth photographer is something that you're simply meant to do, or that sewing your own clothes makes you the worst shopping companion in the world ("I could buy that... Or I could make it for A LOT cheaper!")
The point is, there are so many amazing things and amazing people out there.

You are one of them.

 You can do great things and you have so much potential! So grab a bag of Peach Rings, or whatever you're into, and let's try something new together!

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