Baby 2 Bumpdate: 38 weeks + Sale

June 30, 2014
Last week, I decided to make a countdown chain. I realized that I was getting mixed up with how much time I actually had left of this pregnancy (I kept rounding down) so decided to make the chain, more as a reminder that I still had more time than I thought. It helps me stay grounded but be excited at the same time.

Everyone says the last month of pregnancy is the hardest and they are SO right. It seems to be even harder this time, though. Probably because it's hot and I'm so much more busy during the day than I was last time so I get worn out and pretty uncomfortable. I think the hardest thing about the last month of pregnancy, though, is knowing that everyone, including yourself, is looking at you and wondering when you're going to pop. I don't really care when people talk to me about it and give their opinions about when they think the baby will come, etc. etc., but I hope I don't make anyone nervous that I'm going to start moaning or that I am going to suddenly pee myself. A lot.

But despite (or rather because of) the constant wondering, the occasional Braxton Hicks, and the discomfort, it's not hard to be excited for the wonderful day when I will feel my insides constrict like a giant sub-human flesh-terranean snake, have a hard time breathing, and try harder than ever to say no to drugs (I have a goal to go all-natural with this one). It's pretty legit! Just like this 38 week bumpdate bathroom pic.

Photo Jun 30, 1 45 05 PM

How far along:
38 weeks!

Size of baby:
About 19.5 inches long (the size of a leek) and weights about 7 lbs, according to Baby Center.

Total weight gain/loss:
+20 lbs

Maternity clothes:
Yup! Although even those are getting a little snug. I normally opt for my nursing nightgown (I made it about a month ago and have been meaning to make at least another one because it's so comfy).

Stretch marks:
I'm pretty sure I've got a few new ones from this baby. *sigh* Oh well.

I think it's better than it was a few weeks ago. I don't feel quite as uncomfortable anymore.

Best moment this week:
Being told by my OBGYN at our last appointment that my body is all ready down there and all I need now are contractions!

It's gotten to the point where I can tell she's really kind of squished in there. Sometimes I see her foot move from one side of my tummy and slide over to the other. Kind of fun!

Food cravings:
Popsicles have been particularly delicious to me recently, but that's about it. I still will never say no to Peachie O's!


Labor signs:
A couple of Sundays ago I started having some really hard Braxton Hicks and they've been coming and going ever since then. Don't get my hopes up, Baby!

What I miss:
I miss having a body that can regulate temperature a little better, being able to cook something without forgetting an ingredient (taco soup doesn't quite taste like taco soup without the taco seasoning), being able to hold Chelsea on my lap and give her a good cuddle. I REALLY miss that.

What I am looking forward to:
Having my body back and meeting our baby. I am so so SO excited for she and Chelsea to meet. Life is going to change so much, but I'm sure that she and Chelsea will be great friends and Chelsea will be a perfect big sister for her.

I am almost finished with the nursery! It's looking pretty good, but there are still a few more things I need. Hopefully I can get it completely done before the baby comes, but if not, oh well! I've also packed a hospital bag, pre-registered at the hospital, took a tour of the hospital, and made plans for the labor and delivery. It's all very exciting!

Sometimes when Chelsea does something particularly disobedient or just plain crazy, I roll my eyes and think "Aw man! I'm going to have to do all this again?!" But then she does something so sweet or so silly and I'm reminded of all the millions of sweet moments I've had already from being Chelsea's mom and I think "YES! I get to do all this again!" I think that's probably how all multiple moms feel. Having a child is so much work, but it is so worth it!

This week, we're looking forward to the 4th of July! On Thursday, we get to hang out with our bestie next-door-neighbors and go to the 3rd of July fireworks show in North Salt Lake and Andrew's grandparents house. On the 4th of July, we head south to Utah Valley to have some water olympics, eat some delicious food, and celebrate our freedom with my family. It's gonna be a good week and I'll be sure to take a lot of photos! I feel so blessed to live in America! What are some of your plans?

Also, to celebrate the 4th of July, I'm having another sale! This one will last from today until Sunday night and is 35% off of all my iPad Car Travel Companions (from $17.50 to $11.38). I've got gray ones, black ones, orange, hot pink, light pink, rainbow, and a few others. The sale price is already applied in shop so all you have to do is choose what color you want and purchase! Andrew and I have been so grateful to have ours with trips we've taken this summer. It helps keep Chelsea entertained and happy in the car on the particularly long drives, plus, it's cute, easy to strap on and take off, and can still be used while in its case. Seriously. The best.

4th of July sale02
 4th of July sale03
 4th of July sale04
 4th of July sale08
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Thanks so much for stopping by today. It's fun to be able to write my thoughts here, share some pictures, etc. etc. and get feedback from friends and family members. Having you read my blog motivates me to do more, find new talents, and improve old ones. Thanks for being my motivation. See you again soon!

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Chelsea: June 2014

June 26, 2014
With all the preparations of our nursery and the house for baby number two, there's a lot of excitement around here! The last month of pregnancy truly is the longest of them all!

Amidst all the preparations and excitement over this baby, however, I don't want to leave out all the excitement with Chelsea. I've been trying really hard to have the energy to keep up with her and make the last few weeks with just the two of us memorable. I never imagined that having a second baby would bring this small twinge of sadness. It's been just me and Chelsea (and Daddy, of course) for so long and once the new baby comes, it will all change. I look forward to another little one to love, but I hope that Chelsea understands that I still love her every bit as much as I did before little sister came, even though my attention may be a little more divided.

So here's an update on Chelsea:

She is VERY polite, always saying please, thank you, and you're welcome
Loves to sing the ABC song and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Likes to sing the clean up song (clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere!) and help clean up
Loves to play dress-ups
Likes to say breakfast and lunch prayer
Loves pictures of temples
Likes to tackle play
Likes to read books and her current favorite is Dr. Seuss's ABCs
Loves to play outside with our little neighbor, Calvin
Gets some sort of scrape practically once a day (she's a VERY active child)
Sleeps in a big girl bed
Doesn't love to brush her teeth, but will tolerate it
Knows A LOT of words and communicates herself very well, although she prefers to point and whine at what she wants instead sometimes
Loves watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Loves playing ring-around-the-rosies
Loves Root Beer
Is not super picky with food, but doesn't like spicy
Likes to play puppies with Calvin
Still takes one nap each day
Loves little babies
Is a pretty fast runner
Still in diapers
Has her own, big personality
Asks questions about everything
Likes to give you a sly smile as she shuffles her feet toward whatever mischief she's about to cause
Has somehow managed to turn into a for-real toddler right under my nose.

Every day is a little adventure with Chelsea. She keeps us on our toes and in shape with all her energy! She develops her own personality every day and I love getting to know her. She is sweet and has an honest, inborn desire to be and do good. This next little girl will have her own personality and little peculiarities that make her unique, but we hope that she will grow and learn a lot from her big sister. We are so excited for the two of them to meet (20 days until d-day)!

Thanks for keeping up with me and my family! So glad I have readers, friends, and family like you.

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P.S. I've been working like crazy on the nursery this week and it is coming along nicely! Here are a few pictures of couple of my projects!

I just have a few more projects to do before this room is complete!
  • recover rocking chair cushions
  • hang pictures
  • make hot air balloon mobile
  • recover changing mat
  • purchase mirror
I've got 20 days (give or take) and so many plans, so if you want to stay in there for the full 40 weeks, Baby, I'm sure I can find some things to do...

To see more, make sure you follow me on instagram! @chevronandlacebysue

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First Day of Summer Maxi Skirt Sale

June 20, 2014
Even though this summer has been a hotter one for me (having a basketball along for the ride under your shirt tends to raise your temperature a little), I still maintain that Summer is one of my favorite seasons (I'll always love Spring the most). So I thought I ought to do something to celebrate the beautiful spring season we just experienced, and welcome in Summer!

All maxi skirts in my shop are now 25% off! From $37.50 to $28.12, it's not a bad deal! I've got all sorts of colors available in my shop and even some new prints! I'll even do custom orders if you find a print on Girl Charlee (my fabric supplier) that you like.

So make sure to stop by and see what I have to offer and tell your friends! You can find this same ad on my instagram. I hope you've had an amazing Spring and have lots of fun plans for the summer!

*Sale ends Monday at midnight.
*Sale applied in shop.

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Nursery Art: Dream big Little One

June 19, 2014
The hardest thing about owning a home is prioritizing. There are SO many things that you have to take care of and if it isn't already decorated and/or painted the way you like, it can be a little overwhelming. What I've been trying to learn is to pace myself and to concentrate on one room at a time. My current obsession concentration is the nursery.

First of all, I've nearly killed myself over choosing the colors for our new little girl's room. I couldn't decide if I wanted to do bright colors or pastel colors. Finally, I think I've mostly decided on bright with a few pastels included. I promise I will share pictures of the room/finished product, but today, I've been working more on my artistic side and I want to share the result. It's amazing how long art can take, but once it's done, you can't help but smile.

It took FOREVER, but I am so pleased with the result! Can't wait to get this nursery finished and get this girl here! She dropped on Sunday and I was experiencing some pretty tough Braxton Hicks (they just felt like hard menstrual cramps), and my Dr. said on Wednesday that I'm dilated to 1 cm. Of course, with pregnancy, all that means nothing. This baby could decide to stay in there for an additional week if she wanted (please don't)!

So I'll keep you posted! Thanks for stopping by and keeping up with me! Be sure to come back again soon because I'm planning another sale very, very soon!

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Father's Day 2014

June 15, 2014
Dear Dad,

You've taught me a lot of valuable lessons in my life, from dating and relationships to how to properly mow the lawn. I remember the time when you decided to jump on the trampoline with me even though you were 50 years old and tired, and the time you soothed me and massaged my foot when I experienced my very first charlie horse at 1:00 AM. You came to all of my choir concerts, dance recitals, and plays in addition to the sporting events and have always been my number one fan. You came for my Seminary graduation and my High School graduation, even though Mom was at home sick and you had to sit by yourself. You let me model new clothes that I bought at the store for you and reminded me of the importance of dressing modestly to show respect for others and, more importantly, for myself.

Even though you say that you wish you hadn't been such a tyrant about the yard at home and at the office, I'm grateful that you never let us leave until the yard was practically perfect. The time that you took me and Kent to the store in Boise to buy swimming suits and towels so that we could take a spontaneous trip to Roaring Springs will always be one of my favorite memories. You seemed to always be right about everything, but I'll never forget the time you wrote me an apology letter when I got my feelings hurt.

You stayed up late many weekends so that you would be awake when I got home, reminding me to always uphold my standards because you were waiting up to hear about my night. You made me laugh when I came downstairs with two braids and said "Good morning, Pocahontas!" and made me beam when you told me how beautiful I was. You showed me what type of man I ought to marry with every trip you took with Mom to Salt Lake City for her cancer treatments and what kind of faith I must have through every trial.

The first time I gave you a fake smile, you reminded me how important it is to be genuine and asked that I only ever give real smiles. Sitting and watching movies with you will always be one of my favorite pass-times, and learning to overcome my competitive nature when it comes to board and card games will be easier now that I know that's why you chose not to play them very often.

Thank you for teaching me to work hard, give it my all, and always do my best the first time. Thank you for editing all of my major papers, supporting me in everything I ever put my mind to, and encouraging me to make and complete my goals. I love you, Dad.

Dear Husband,

The day you became a father was one of the happiest days of my life. You stood by my side, held my hand, encouraged me, and shared my joy. Since then, you've done exactly the same thing.

When I watch you play with our daughter, tossing her in the air, tickling her, allowing her to tickle you, singing your silly made-up songs to her, etc. how could I not want more children with you?

You comfort her when she is sad, you kiss her owies, you play with her, teach her about soccer, to think about her actions, and, most importantly, you teach her about the gospel every time you gather us to read scriptures and say prayers.

Thank you for being an example to our daughter of hard work, perseverance, patience, and faith. Thank you for making me a mother and for being the father that I always wanted for my children. I love you, Andrew.

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Ladies, do your dads a favor - Father's Day Sale

June 10, 2014

Men like their cars, right? And they want to keep their cars nice, right? Do the dad/hubby in your life a favor and take advantage of the 25% off sale in my shop. Every car seat protector is on sale for $33.75 (that's $11.25 less than the normal price)!

All I ask is that you share this sale with your instagram, facebook, twitter, etc. friends and help spread the word! Sale ends Sunday night so hop on over to my shop and get your Car Seat Protector TODAY!

**Discount applied in shop
**Sale ends June 16 at 12:00 AM

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