Chelsea: June 2014

June 26, 2014
With all the preparations of our nursery and the house for baby number two, there's a lot of excitement around here! The last month of pregnancy truly is the longest of them all!

Amidst all the preparations and excitement over this baby, however, I don't want to leave out all the excitement with Chelsea. I've been trying really hard to have the energy to keep up with her and make the last few weeks with just the two of us memorable. I never imagined that having a second baby would bring this small twinge of sadness. It's been just me and Chelsea (and Daddy, of course) for so long and once the new baby comes, it will all change. I look forward to another little one to love, but I hope that Chelsea understands that I still love her every bit as much as I did before little sister came, even though my attention may be a little more divided.

So here's an update on Chelsea:

She is VERY polite, always saying please, thank you, and you're welcome
Loves to sing the ABC song and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Likes to sing the clean up song (clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere!) and help clean up
Loves to play dress-ups
Likes to say breakfast and lunch prayer
Loves pictures of temples
Likes to tackle play
Likes to read books and her current favorite is Dr. Seuss's ABCs
Loves to play outside with our little neighbor, Calvin
Gets some sort of scrape practically once a day (she's a VERY active child)
Sleeps in a big girl bed
Doesn't love to brush her teeth, but will tolerate it
Knows A LOT of words and communicates herself very well, although she prefers to point and whine at what she wants instead sometimes
Loves watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Loves playing ring-around-the-rosies
Loves Root Beer
Is not super picky with food, but doesn't like spicy
Likes to play puppies with Calvin
Still takes one nap each day
Loves little babies
Is a pretty fast runner
Still in diapers
Has her own, big personality
Asks questions about everything
Likes to give you a sly smile as she shuffles her feet toward whatever mischief she's about to cause
Has somehow managed to turn into a for-real toddler right under my nose.

Every day is a little adventure with Chelsea. She keeps us on our toes and in shape with all her energy! She develops her own personality every day and I love getting to know her. She is sweet and has an honest, inborn desire to be and do good. This next little girl will have her own personality and little peculiarities that make her unique, but we hope that she will grow and learn a lot from her big sister. We are so excited for the two of them to meet (20 days until d-day)!

Thanks for keeping up with me and my family! So glad I have readers, friends, and family like you.

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P.S. I've been working like crazy on the nursery this week and it is coming along nicely! Here are a few pictures of couple of my projects!

I just have a few more projects to do before this room is complete!
  • recover rocking chair cushions
  • hang pictures
  • make hot air balloon mobile
  • recover changing mat
  • purchase mirror
I've got 20 days (give or take) and so many plans, so if you want to stay in there for the full 40 weeks, Baby, I'm sure I can find some things to do...

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