Father's Day 2014

June 15, 2014
Dear Dad,

You've taught me a lot of valuable lessons in my life, from dating and relationships to how to properly mow the lawn. I remember the time when you decided to jump on the trampoline with me even though you were 50 years old and tired, and the time you soothed me and massaged my foot when I experienced my very first charlie horse at 1:00 AM. You came to all of my choir concerts, dance recitals, and plays in addition to the sporting events and have always been my number one fan. You came for my Seminary graduation and my High School graduation, even though Mom was at home sick and you had to sit by yourself. You let me model new clothes that I bought at the store for you and reminded me of the importance of dressing modestly to show respect for others and, more importantly, for myself.

Even though you say that you wish you hadn't been such a tyrant about the yard at home and at the office, I'm grateful that you never let us leave until the yard was practically perfect. The time that you took me and Kent to the store in Boise to buy swimming suits and towels so that we could take a spontaneous trip to Roaring Springs will always be one of my favorite memories. You seemed to always be right about everything, but I'll never forget the time you wrote me an apology letter when I got my feelings hurt.

You stayed up late many weekends so that you would be awake when I got home, reminding me to always uphold my standards because you were waiting up to hear about my night. You made me laugh when I came downstairs with two braids and said "Good morning, Pocahontas!" and made me beam when you told me how beautiful I was. You showed me what type of man I ought to marry with every trip you took with Mom to Salt Lake City for her cancer treatments and what kind of faith I must have through every trial.

The first time I gave you a fake smile, you reminded me how important it is to be genuine and asked that I only ever give real smiles. Sitting and watching movies with you will always be one of my favorite pass-times, and learning to overcome my competitive nature when it comes to board and card games will be easier now that I know that's why you chose not to play them very often.

Thank you for teaching me to work hard, give it my all, and always do my best the first time. Thank you for editing all of my major papers, supporting me in everything I ever put my mind to, and encouraging me to make and complete my goals. I love you, Dad.

Dear Husband,

The day you became a father was one of the happiest days of my life. You stood by my side, held my hand, encouraged me, and shared my joy. Since then, you've done exactly the same thing.

When I watch you play with our daughter, tossing her in the air, tickling her, allowing her to tickle you, singing your silly made-up songs to her, etc. how could I not want more children with you?

You comfort her when she is sad, you kiss her owies, you play with her, teach her about soccer, to think about her actions, and, most importantly, you teach her about the gospel every time you gather us to read scriptures and say prayers.

Thank you for being an example to our daughter of hard work, perseverance, patience, and faith. Thank you for making me a mother and for being the father that I always wanted for my children. I love you, Andrew.

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  1. This is so beautiful! What an amazing thing to have two wonderful guys in your life!


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