The Hospital Birth Story of Warner

August 9, 2022

I met Miranda at a park. I was there with a group of my friends, and she was there with a group of hers. The children had all kind of mingled at the beach volleyball court and the two of us began talking. We became fast friends and about a year later, she told me that she was pregnant with her second child and wanted me to be her doula and birth photographer. I was overjoyed. I knew that her journey to pregnancy hadn't been easy, and that her first birth experience wasn't what she had wanted it to be. I was determined to help her to have a different experience this time.


Doula Chats | Second Prenatal Positions

August 3, 2022

Somewhere around 37 or 38 weeks, we will have our second prenatal visit. At this visit, we talk a little more in-depth about your birth, what your provider is saying, and what we can expect/prepare for. This is also when I teach you and your husband a few positions to try during labor that can help you relax, stretch, and/or help your baby to re-engage if we notice contraction patterns are inconsistent.

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