36 weeks down, 4 to go!

January 14, 2016
I've been busily preparing myself and my family for when the big day arrives! Yesterday, I made 7 freezer meals (but not a thing for my family to eat that night, haha!), pre-registered at the hospital, researched some labor positions, and sorta made out a birth plan. I've been having quite a few painless contractions recently which led to my Doc checking me out down there this morning and announcing that I am 90% effaced, which means he could still come a week after his due date. Still, it's a little exciting.

^^I don't feel huge at this point. I wonder how much more I will grow...^^

Between Braxton Hicks (what I like to call "practice contractions"), this little guy is still a mover! I feel like he is stronger than his sisters were. His kicks will sometimes keep me awake at night and he has even woken me up with one of "ultimate punches!" One night before falling asleep, he kicked out with so much force and longevity that I could actually trace out the arch in his little foot! Think we might have a soccer player in there (yes!)

Now, for some TMI. For journaling purposes, of course. At the beginning of this year, I talked to my doc about some itching down south. We discovered that I had a bacterial infection. She gave me some meds for the infection, which I took for a week. When I went back, the itching was gone, but my bacterial infection had turned into a yeast infection, so I got more meds for that. Thankfully, after this checkup today, I am clean! What. a. re. lief.

I can't believe that we only have 4 or 5 (please not 6) more weeks of just two girls! I know we all will love having baby brother here. I just have a feeling that the transition from two-three kids will be easier than one-two. At least in some ways.

For one thing, Chelsea should be used to sharing attention now, and Alexa has always had to share attention. Plus, Alexa absolutely LOVES babies! She is always asking to hold babies. I just love the way she reaches her hands up and asks "hold it? hold it?" Andrew and I have been loving the way she says "Thank you, Mommy/Daddy," and "Sorry Chelsea" recently, too. Couldn't be prouder of our sweet, polite little girl!

I don't think Alexa grasps the idea that I really do have a baby in my tummy and that I'll be bringing him home one day, but I'm pretty sure Chelsea gets it, and she's excited when we talk about it, but doesn't dwell on it all the time (like I do), mostly because she's too busy running around and around our house or drawing pictures. The other day I asked her why she was running and she said "I just like to run really really fast!" She cracks me up!

Andrew asked me the other day if I was going to be induced with this baby, like we were for Alexa. I told him no and he said "why not? It was so nice! Just go in, they put you on pitocin, and a little while later, you have a baby." I nodded my head and said "yeah. but I'm not going to be induced." Haha! He also asked me last night before we went to bed who we would ask to watch our kids when we go to the hospital. I thought for a minute and told him a couple of people that I was sure would be willing. Of course, being the prepare-er (read "tease") that he is, he asked about what we would do if they weren't available. I then listed off at least 10 additional people that I knew would be willing (thinking to myself the whole time how blessed I am to know so many marvelous people!) and that if for some reason none of them could help, I would give up and just have this baby at home because clearly the Lord doesn't want me at the hospital!

So, 36 weeks down, and 4 more to go! We're getting pretty excited for this little guy to come, but still have a lot to do in order to feel really ready. Put the car seat in the car, pack my bag, re-decorate my nursery... :)

Thanks for stopping by today and keeping up with me and my family. Hope you have a fantastic three-day weekend and I'll see you next time!

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