Typical Saturday... except for the baby shower

January 30, 2016
Throughout most of the month of December, I left my camera out, right on top of our entertainment center where I could grab it whenever the opportunity presented itself. I really wanted to capture the spontaneous moments of our family shenanigans. Unfortunately, I wasn't very good at it since I didn't really capture much at all.

Now with baby number three on his way, I've been feeling the need to document what life was like before he came, when it was just two crazy girls running around this house, so I got my camera out and left it on the entertainment center again, this time, determined to use it. Here's what I captured on a typical Saturday morning (minus the baby shower).

^^this is a two minute tantrum. typical^^

^^movie time! sometimes mama just needs a minute.^^
**not pictured: Andrew taking the girl's sledding.

Oh the things I could capture if I were a videographer! I'd show the crazy giggles these girls come up with, the sweet way Alexa says "Thank you, Mama" and "uh-huh" when you ask her a question. I'd show you how Chelsea asks me A MILLION questions a day and try to avoid showing you the point when I just can't answer any more and ask her to stop. You'd probably see how Chelsea literally chases Alexa down to take a toy away that she wants and how I step in and make Chelsea give it back and swap a toy with her instead, and then you'd hear Alexa say "Sorry Chelsea," even though she hasn't done anything wrong.

My family is dramatic, passionate, energetic, messy, loving, forgiving, and absolutely perfect. I can't imagine it getting any better than this, but somehow (as we learned when Alexa joined the fun), it does. Can't wait for the little man to join the party, too.

And speaking of parties, the baby shower that my dear friend Ashley threw me was absolutely perfect... except that she couldn't come! Unfortunately, her kiddos needed her at home so she set everything up, then went home to be with them. She was SORELY missed, but we just made sure that we had extra fun so that she knew how much her hard work was appreciated.


I am so grateful I live someplace where I am surrounded by friends who love and care about me. One game/activity we did was everyone wrote their wishes for this baby boy and my dear friends wrote some of the sweetest and funniest things! Here are some of my favorites:

I hope that you like to sleep.
I hope you have your mom's cheer.
I hope you have your dad's athleticism.
I hope you love your big sisters. (another mom answered "pizza" haha!)
I hope you laugh when things are hard.
I hope you grow hair. (BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!)
I hope you learn to not be afraid to stand up for what's right.
I hope you aren't afraid of standing for the truth.
I hope you can become as amazing as you can.

Thanks to all you ladies who I love and appreciate SO MUCH! You are all wonderful friends and examples to me and I count myself very lucky to know you.

And thank YOU for sticking with me this month! Can't wait for the next one to start! It's gonna be a BIG one! Wish me luck, and good luck to you, too! Any big plans for anybody this month?

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    1. I know! And she made all of them! She used straws for the golden triangles. STRAWS! So awesome.


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