We're having a...

September 16, 2015


We couldn't be happier or more excited! Andrew was especially relieved! He wasn't sure he could handle one more bundle of estrogen joy! Ha ha.

I haven't really started collecting things for him yet, what with my lack of any energy AT ALL (I'm chalking it up to having to watch two crazy children all day), but I think I've thought of a way to solve that... Pinterest. Pinterest can get ANYONE excited!

So we're pretty stoked. This boy is coming to a pretty awesome family, if I do say so myself! Chelsea certainly is excited about having a baby brother! She likes to kiss my tummy and tell everyone that she's having a baby brother. We've been trying to think of names for the little guy. We're pretty convinced on one name, but keep searching because we'd REALLY like to find a German name for him (in honor of the Stange roots). We'll see where our preferences lead us.

At this stage in the game, I'm definitely showing. The belly button is already sticking out, and I started wearing maternity pants today! They are COM-FY!

Thanks for reading today! See you next time!


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