Alexa – 12 Months

September 13, 2015
What? I'm only... two months late. I think I've been subconsciously putting this post off because I'm still in denial that she's one year old.

So, technically, this is more like a 14 month update, but the photos are from when she just barely turned one. Info = 14 months, photos = 12 months.

Get it? Good. Let's go.

At 14 months, Alexa...
calls her blanket and her pacifier "ki ki"
says "I love you"
waves hello and goodbye like a champ
has 8 teeth (four on top and four on bottom)
blows kisses, unprompted (adorable!)
does NOT sleep well in unfamiliar houses but is a champ at home
will only go to sleep in unfamiliar houses if I sing her there
loves big sister despite the fights over toys
still loves twirling
has learned to nod her head for "yes" and shake her head for "no"
loves to listen to the sound of her shoes on different surfaces
can be a little instigator with sister sometimes (she is just as good, if not better, at teasing Chelsea as Chelsea is at teasing her)
runs away with a huge smile every time she sees you coming with a clean diaper in hand, it's one of her favorite games!
hates it when anyone leaves
plays by herself rather well (that's how I've been able to read so many books recently)
still has hardly any hair (her longest hair is right around her ears)
I have a feeling that Alexa is going to be my little dress-up girl! She often comes to me with a new shirt or pants to try on from her room
is kind of a picky eater
still takes two naps a day, but they're not much longer than an hour
always says "thank you"
still thinks that every animal she sees is a dog and says "woof woof"
dances to good music on occasion
is still my little snuggle bug
has quite the collection of vocabulary and communicates herself very effectively
is not very ticklish
still confuses everyone when her tiny little self starts walking around

She may be small, but this little gal is PACKED with personality! We all love her in our house and she is often the source of sunshine for everybody with the way she gives out smiles like heart-shaped cookies on Valentine's day! She is such a blessing to us!

We love you soooooooo much, little flower!

IMG_5880 edit01IMG_6617IMG_7359 edit01IMG_8626 edit01
IMG_9156 edit01IMG_9683IMG_0242 edit01IMG_0730 edit01
IMG_1315 edit01IMG_1832 edit01IMG_2510 edit02
^^click on any of the pictures to be taken to their corresponding month updates. thank you alexa zurcher for the monthly stickers!^^

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