Alexa – 11 Months

June 25, 2015
This month has been one of my absolute favorites thus far! You are the sweetest, smiliest little gal, plus you and Chelsea are getting along so great!
IMG_2510 bw02

You are toughening up against Chelsea’s teases and rough-housing and she is learning to be a little more gentle.

You are fully on solid foods and transitioning to whole milk! But I think you may be a little picky.

We’re learning about your likes and dislikes as we go.

Still as bald as Grandpa Stange! (alright, maybe not that bald)

IMG_2538 bw01

You have recently begun pointing your dainty little fingers at objects, mostly at me, Daddy, or Chelsea, to imitate me when I’m saying “no.”
Your dainty little finger has really come in handy for you to push the home button on my phone over and over again. You and Siri are becoming frequent friends!
You are just a small little gal! You’re still fitting in your 6-9 month clothes and are BARELY too big for size 1-2 diapers!

IMG_2554 edit01

Although your size may be small, your personality is NOT! I love that you say hi to everyone, multiple times in one sitting! You always have the biggest smile and the cutest little hand-wave. I love it so much!
Nothing makes you laugh harder than dancing, Chelsea, and when Daddy flips you over in a somersault. Then you start kicking your legs and you have the biggest smile on your face!
Your dancing consists of turning your head left to right and/or standing up and bouncing up and down, just like Chelsea used to!
You love playing little games! Cups, buckets, and other concaved objects are always fun for you to talk into!

IMG_2527 edit02IMG_2530 edit02
IMG_2525 edit02

You do the cutest little fishy faces! You started doing it about a week ago and I finally caught it on camera this morning!

You’ve been enjoying books recently, too! It’s fun to look at all the pretty pictures with you!

You are SO close to walking! I got you to take two steps in a row yesterday, but you like to tease me and just lean over for me to catch you instead of really walking. You’ll get there eventually!

IMG_2517 edit01

You know how to go up and DOWN the stairs safely! It’s nice not to have to worry about you falling down the stairs anymore. At least, not as much.

IMG_2541 edit01

You are still attached to me, a lot, but you tolerate others if they have treats.

You’re starting to get into things you shouldn’t, like getting the entertainment center cupboards, the cupboards under the sink, the cupboards and drawers in the bathroom… Just to name a few.
You climb on EVERYTHING! Boxes, chairs, everything.

IMG_2567 edit01

I just love your sweet smile and your little babbling! “Woof woof,” “got it,” “thanks,” “ma-ma,” and “da-da,” “thanks,” and “ball” are your most common words.
Peek-a-boo still remains your favorite game!
You still love your blanket and your pacifier and go to bed with them every naptime and bed time.

IMG_2562 edit01IMG_2564 edit01

We love you so much, Alexa! I can’t believe you’re almost an entire year! It doesn’t seem like you were born that long ago at all. You’re just growing much too fast, my dear, but I love getting to know you more and more each day. We love you!

IMG_2533 edit01

IMG_5880 edit01IMG_6617IMG_7359 edit01IMG_8626 edit01
IMG_9156 edit01IMG_9683IMG_0242 edit01IMG_0730 edit01
IMG_1315 edit01IMG_1832 edit01IMG_2510 edit02
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  1. What a darling grandchild! I'm so lucky!! The pictures are adorable, Susan.


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