June 16, 2015

Maternity Photos – Ashley

This beautiful lady is a mama again!

IMG_2306 BW01

I was so lucky to be a part of her experience being pregnant and even on the day of her delivery! That’s right! I was the official head of the Text Encouragement Committee! Big responsibility. I was in charge of texting things like, “You can do it” and “you can do hard things” and “your body can do this, it’s your mind that’s begging for relief, so tell your mind to shut up because you’re busy having a baby!” Her goal was to have her baby without any pain medications and, with help from her Text Encouragement Committee, she did it! And now she has a beautiful baby boy to snuggle and hold!

But before baby brother made his big debut, Ash and I got together to document the precious time he spent safe in her tummy (er. uterus).

IMG_2280 edit01

IMG_2314 edit01

IMG_2282 edit01

IMG_2291 edit01 transform

Taking photos of Ash was exhilarating! Just about every shot was a keeper! Taking photos with the girls was a little trickier, but after a little prompting, encouragement, Princess Role Playing, and maybe a TINY bit of bribery, we got some good ones!

IMG_2262 edit01 transform

IMG_2199 edit01 transformIMG_2201 edit01

IMG_2226 edit01

 IMG_2235 edit01IMG_2248 edit01

IMG_2181 edit01

IMG_2225 edit01

Thank you so much for letting me document this precious time of you and your family’s life! I can’t believe you’re a mama to a baby BOY now! It’s amazing how one day you’re a mom of two and the next, you’re a mom of THREE! You are amazing! I can’t wait to meet the little man himself!

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