Month in Review – May

June 1, 2015
May has been the busiest, craziest month yet! We celebrated Chelsea’s third birthday, took a trip to CA, went on a cruise, visited Disneyland, celebrated my birthday, camped out in our backyard, had our first BBQ of the summer, welcomed home our favorite Aunt Lauren and Uncle Josh, and took some pics along the way!

Chelsea’s Birthday
Chelsea’s birthday breakfast was, by-far my favorite part of the day! Chelsea loves waffles, so she was pretty happy to wake up to those, plus she had her own special chair to sit in and a pretty floral crown just for her, too! Follow that up with a pretty dress and big pink bow, and we’ve got a bona fied birthday princess on our hands!

California + Cruise
Chelsea and Alexa loved spending time with Grammy and Opa while Andrew and I were away, and
a four-day break from responsibility was exactly what we needed! It was so wonderful to get away and just relax! We didn’t have to clean up after ourselves, make any meals, ate soft serve whenever we wanted, enjoyed some sun, and each other. Happy 5 years to us!

We went to Disneyland on my birthday, but the focus was definitely Chelsea, and it is my favorite birthday yet!

The weather wasn’t terrific Memorial Day weekend so we opted out of camping in the mountains and camped out in our backyard! Chelsea had a great time helping Daddy and Uncle Karl set up the tent and then sleeping outside in the tent while rain poured down. The BBQ was the night before and it was deeeeeelicious! The S’mores might have been my favorite, though!

Welcome Home Aunt Lauren and Uncle Josh!
Aunt Lauren and Uncle Josh spent 2.5 weeks in Germany this month and they brought home the CUTEST little German dress (dirndl) for Chelsea! Have I ever mentioned that Andrew’s family is German? Thanks for bringing home some German heritage, Lauren! Chelsea looks adorable!
*will post more pictures soon!

May has been my favorite month yet! Can’t wait to see what June has in store!

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