Alexa – 10 months

May 22, 2015

I can’t believe you’re ten months old! You’re only two months away from being an entire year old! Time really does fly.

You are so active now! We’ve been working on standing for the past few days and you’re pretty much a pro! You love to practice and hear me, Daddy, and Chelsea cheer for you!

IMG_1831 edit01IMG_1832 edit01

You’re kind of a petite little thing! Random strangers will still come up to us in the store and tell me that they didn’t think you were real at first. They thought you were a doll!

Your teeth are really coming in! You’ve got four fully manifest teeth on the bottom, two on the top, and two more peeking through on the top.

IMG_1865 edit01

You’re getting scarily brave. Unfortunately, that means more bumps and bruises. You took on the stairs the other day while Mommy, Daddy, and Chelsea’s backs were turned. The stairs won, leaving you with a rug burn.

IMG_1845 edit01

You’re not breastfeeding anymore, which makes me kind of sad to not have that special time with you anymore, but your smile always brightens my day!

IMG_1828 edit01

You are so curious! You love to explore everything! And everything new you find HAS to be explored in your mouth! Including your hair bow.

IMG_1852 edit01IMG_1853 edit01

You are quite the talker! You can say “hi,” “peek-a-boo,” “Ma ma,” “Da-da,” “Chelsea,” “yeah,” “yay,” “uh-oh,” “got it,” “woof woof,” “doggie,”  you even said “Alexa” the other day!

You like to sing with me, too!

You like to make kissey noises by suctioning your lips together then pulling them apart. It is adorable!

I especially love it when you pretend to be an Indian by saying “aaaaaahhhhhhh” and patting your mouth.”

IMG_1906 edit01IMG_1908 edit02

You’re still just as cuddly as ever! You’ve recently learned that sometimes when people hug, they pat each other on the back!

IMG_1888 edit02

IMG_1890 edit01

IMG_1903 edit01
^^these would be especially adorable if i was pregnant^^

I love you so much, my little Alexa! You are such a joy to everyone you meet.

IMG_5880 edit01IMG_6617IMG_7359 edit01IMG_8626 edit01

IMG_9156 edit01IMG_9683IMG_0242 edit01IMG_0730 edit01

IMG_1315 edit01IMG_1832 edit01

^^click on any of the pictures to be taken to their corresponding month updates. thank you alexa zurcher for the monthly stickers!^^

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