Chelsea – May 3, 2015

May 3, 2015

Three years seems like such a long time! So many things can, and do happen in that amount of time. So why do I feel like all three years passed in a blink?


I’ve been thinking about how much I’ve changed since you entered my life. Before you came, I was living a colorful, beautiful life, but that was devoid of sunsets and chocolate. I was happy and there were a lot of beautiful and delicious things all around me, but then you came and I learned that I really love chocolate.

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You’ve learned a lot of things since you’ve come here. You’ve learned the really noticeable things, like how to walk, talk, eat solid foods by yourself, even pour your own milk when the carton isn’t too heavy! You’ve also learned to feel bad when you’ve done something wrong, say that you’re sorry, restrain yourself when you’d much rather just hit the neighborhood kids (most of the time!), and how to make your sister laugh and smile better than anyone else!


There are some things that I believe you came here already knowing.  You came here as a spunky, energetic little ray of sunshine and that has not diminished in the least. You’re just as wiggly as you were when you were a baby, and every bit as silly! You are friendly, outgoing, open-hearted, smart, active, athletic, talented, energetic, and very, very good at forgiving. You’ve taught me to let things go quickly and put my attitude back where it belongs.

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You still spill milk on occasion, have little… accidents sometimes, pretend you don’t hear us when we’re giving directions, etc. etc., but more often than not, you just want to make everyone around you laugh.

You love your cousins, and they are all so good about playing with you and helping you when you need it. You pick up on physical activities quicker than anyone I’ve ever known. After one hour of practice on the balance bike you got last year, you had mastered it.

You love to play with Daddy! He doesn’t get tired as quickly as Mommy and laughs when you say “poo poo” or “pee pee,” but boy, does he tease you! You are *almost* always good-natured about it and laugh right along with Daddy.

Your “l” sounds are starting to actually sound like “l” sounds instead of “y” sounds, but your “th” still sounds like “f” and your “r” still sounds like “w.” Despite that, you are very, VERY articulate. I love when you try new words like “disappointed” and “ridiculous.” You’re also pretty good at quoting movies and singing songs, but you tend to mix up phrases when there’s more than one verse. I think you sang “I love to see the Temple” for a solid 15 minutes without repeating the same order of phrases once.

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Your favorite color is pink, your favorite movie is Cinderella (the one that you saw “on the big movie” and the cartoon you watch nearly every day), your favorite breakfast is waffles, your favorite dinner is Taco Soup. You LOVE to go to nursery on Sundays and you’re getting better and better about sharing and playing with your friends.

Your favorite thing to do is jump on and off the couch (even though you’re not supposed to), your favorite show is My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, your favorite animal is a horse, your favorite place to go is the park, and your favorite thing to do outside is ride your bike.

Your favorite story to tell is one you made up about a brown spider, your favorite thing to say is “Mommy look it!” and your favorite song to be sung at night is “I have a family here on Earth.”

You make friends easily and are not shy in the least! I love it when you say hello to people as we walk down the street! You have recently started raising your voice to a high pitch and speaking really quietly with a twinkle in your eye when you are really excited about something, like when you say, “Should we go to the paaaaarrrrrk?!” You make me laugh every day! Here are some of my favorite things you’ve said:

IMG_1491 edit01

“It’s okay, Alexa. I’ll be right here. I’ll be your best friend.”

“Lexa, you’re my best buddy.”

“Stop wind! Stop wind-ing!”

“When I am big, I have pink hair. Daddy have blue hair, Alexa have blue hair, and Mommy has purple hair.”

Dad – “You’re a nerf hearder!” Chelsea – I’m not a nerf-herder. I’m Chelsea!”

*BAM “Sorry wall.”

“We’re all kind of funny.”


Chelsea – “I smell something.” Mom – “What?” Chelsea – “A roll-y poll-y.”

Mom – “Chelsea, are you going to marry a good, handsome young man in the temple someday?” Chelsea – “I want to marry Daddy!”


We love you so much, Chelsea!

Happy Birthday!

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