A post I made two weeks after Chelsea was born...

July 23, 2012

Wow! Two weeks have gone by since little Chelsea arrived and I'm already wishing I could make time stop! I love Chelsea just the way she is and wish I could keep her my little girl forever. But of course that's not possible, and I'm looking forward to every stage she goes through.
When you're a newborn, life is rather uncomplicated. There is basically one area of a newborn's life that dictates the happenings of all those around them, particularly Mommy and Daddy. I'm sure you can guess what it is... Eating time. Allow me to explain.
Chelsea was born with quite the appetite. I have not since had a 45 minute feeding, but she continues to eat very well. Most days, she needs to be fed six or seven times and she's good. She latches on fairly easily and eats for at least 20 minutes. She doesn't spit up too often, but recently it's been a bit of an adventure when she does. Just yesterday morning after I fed her and was burping her on the couch, she had one of her spit-up episodes! All over my front, down onto the couch, and completely drenching the burp cloth. I had no idea that she could even hold that much in her... Well, apparently she can't or else she wouldn't have lost it all.
When it comes to sleeping, Chelsea does a pretty good job of that, too. However that also depends on eating. As you can imagine, Chelsea doesn't go to sleep easily or happily unless she has been fed. This means that Mommy has to stay up with her until she decides she's had enough. Luckily, she normally contents herself around 1:30 or 2:00 AM and then sleeps for five or six hours afterwards so although the night seems long at first, I always get some sleep before she wakes up again to be fed.
Everything else is standard issue for a baby. Chelsea really is a good little baby. She doesn't cry unless she's hungry, cold (she HATES it when Mommy and Daddy change her diaper and/or clothes), wants to be held, or just fussy (which doesn't happen too often). She hasn't had too many blowouts, but when she does, they are blow-OUTS!
One thing I have been learning about Chelsea is that she does not like Mexican food. Last night she was pretty fussy because of something Mommy ate. I thought it was pretty mild, but Taco Soup is not her favorite thing to eat. Or Red Iguana for that matter. She was pretty fussy over that experience, too. So no (taco) soup for you!
As for Mommy and Daddy, we just absolutely adore our little girl. She is the most beautiful thing in our lives and we love having her. I am continuing to recover from the delivery and so is Andrew. It was the most amazing experience for us and every day is an adventure. Enjoy it with us!

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