Last two Pre-Birth Baby Projects

July 14, 2012

Now fast-forward to April, just before I had our first baby. I was browsing through when I saw a tutorial for leggings, and I thought to myself, "Gee. Our baby doesn't have enough pants/leggings. I'm going to give this a try." So I did. Here's the end result.

She's too big for the first pair, now, but the smaller pair were SO cute on her!

  Can't wait to try out this one!

To match the pink skirted leggings, I made her this shirt. Don't laugh too hard. I'll tell you right now, I made my own pattern for this and I kind of forgot about seam allowance around the neck so...
Yeah. I tried to fix it by making a big binding, but obviously that didn't work. Not bad for my first try, though! If you want a tutorial, despite the huge neck, let me know!

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