Some last-week advice...

July 15, 2012

It was one more week until my due date and I was pretty anxious for our baby to get here. Andrew and I had some friends that were excited, too and we got all sorts of advice. One of my friends gave me some advice that I would like to share.

1. Go for walks downhill: This first bit of advice is meant to help me have contractions, and let me tell you, it works! For a really long time, I wasn't sure I was even having Braxton Hicks, but once I started walking down the hill from Grandma Wilson's house, I could definitely feel the BH's.
2. During your last few days (or weeks) Before your first baby comes, spend time doing spontaneous things with your husband: When a child comes into your life, spontaneous occurrences don't happen as often, as I'm sure you can imagine why.
So let me tell you what Andrew and I did spontaneously within that last week before the due date...
Oftentimes when Andrew and I are driving in the car running some sort of errand, I will suggest going to get treats or lunch without really expecting Andrew to agree. Andrew is very careful with our money, an attribute which I am very thankful for! Nevertheless, I like to offer the opportunity to go get something, just so he knows I'd be okay with it if he wanted to. Well, on one of these errand running occasions, I said to Andrew, who was even more anxious for our baby to come than I was, by-the-way, "I read somewhere that 7-11 Slurpies are a guaranteed way to induce pregnant women." Andrew laughed, of course, because I'm the funniest person he knows, but then he did something unexpected... He took me to 7-11 and we got Slurpies! I was very pleasantly surprised, but that wasn't all he surprised me with that day. Shortly after we bought the Slurpies, a couple of friends invited us to see "Hunger Games" with them and guess what? We went!
We had so much fun together that day and continued to have fun together doing things together that aren't as easy now that the baby's here.
Of course, we would have been okay if we didn't have as much time to do fun, spontaneous things sooner than we did. Our daughter came a week after the due date!

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