Dress, Boppy, and Booties

July 14, 2012

This is when I really started pulling out the stops! The dress took me a long time, but I finished the boppy and booties within a week!

Dress, Boppy, and Booties

Believe it or not,
I've done it again!
I've finished more projects
That in my book are tens!

The first project
That I will mention
Is thanks to Mom
Who helped lighten the tension.

It was, you see,
Hard to adapt
And to figure out
A continuing lap!

But with Mom's help
I was able to rest
'cause I finally finished
This pretty, blue dress.

My next finished project
That my arms will be loving
Wasn't too hard.
I just needed some stuffing!

To help tired arms,
I decided to copy
A device they call
"The Amazing Boppy!"

Lastly, I finished
This cute little pair!
Now there's no baby project
That I wouldn't dare!

And they look SUPER cute on!

For the dress and booties, I had a pattern to follow, but for the boppy, I made up my own pattern.
I measured from one hip to the other hip, then eye-balled the curved shape of the inside edge of the boppy.
From that curve that I made, I took a tape measure and held it at 12 inches (you could do 14 inches) and followed the curved inside edge with the end of tape measure (at 0). Hopefully that makes sense. If you're confused and want something more visual, let me know and I'll make a video or something.

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