Letter from Chelsea: A Day from her Point of View

July 23, 2012

Dear Mom,
Remember when you cleaned up the front yard? Well, it looks really good now with all the 6 feet tall weeds gone, but remember what happened afterwards?
I was sleeping peacefully when suddenly, I was rudely awakened and lifted out of my dreams. Before this time, I hadn't realized how hungry I was, but I was shortly very aware of the large pit in my stomach, not to mention it was blazing hot. When I kindly reminded you that it was my lunch time and I was hungry, to my chagrin, you merely transferred me to the bouncy chair and transported me to the bathroom. I became more insistent that I was hungry, but you simply told me that I needed to wait while you took a shower because you were "sweaty and gross." So I waited, unhappily, mind you. I tried to make my sentiments more obvious. It wasn't until my face had turned bright red (a particularly unbecoming shade) that I felt you move me again. I was very upset at this point and chided you for keeping me waiting so long.
Finally, I was served my favorite dish (Mother's Milk), and pacified. This feeling, however, did not last. Without warning, I felt water pouring onto my belly, not exactly my ideal situation. I didn't understand why this would be necessary, as I tried to explain at the time, but in vain.
Being pulled from the water and being placed completely indecent on a towel was almost worse than being bathed. Then, to top it all off, you stuffed my head and arms into my clothes and pulled that big, pink flower headband that Daddy hates onto my head.
Now, let me tell you why I shared this story with you. Despite the rude awakenings, the extreme discomfort and the blatant lack of concern for my happiness, I still love you and will probably forget all about this experience in a few days.


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