Alexa – 9 Months

April 24, 2015

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You, miss Alexa, are a little flower blossoming right inside our home and family! You learn so much every day!

Your most recent trick is saying “woof woof!” It is seriously adorable!

You’re really good at imitating in general. You like to imitate me when I blow kisses, buzz my lips, sing, etc.

Some of your other tricks include clapping your hands and sometimes even saying “yay” (really!), bouncing up and down with the music, waving your hand and saying “hi” (you really do say it, but it’s more like a “hah”), and patting yourself on the head when we ask, “Where is Alexa?”

IMG_1334 edit01^^month stickers c/o Alexa Z Design^^ 

It’s hard to keep any hair accessories on your head due to the lack of hair and your bare-head preferences.

You REALLY don’t like laying down for anything, especially diaper changes, but if I cover your face with a blanket and play peek-a-boo with you, you will, without fail, kick your legs, giggle, and pull the blanket off your face so we can start over again! Your legs kicking make it harder to change your diaper, but I’ll take a little inconvenience for some smiles and giggles!

At your doc appointment a few days ago, we learned that you are healthy, but little! You’re a lightweight.

That may have to do some with your mobility! You’ve been crawling since last month, but you’re getting braver about pulling yourself up to a standing position and staying there for a while.

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We’ve been trying to get you used to formula since you’ll be spending four days with Grammy and Opa in the next little while. You have days when you’ll take it, and days when you’ll just push it away. I think it’s because you know there’s something much better VERY close by. Daddy always has more success than I do.

You’re still breastfeeding, but you’ve recently developed a habit of biting me! Neither of us enjoy that too much, me because it hurts, you because you feel bad for hurting me, I think…

You’re really good at signing “more” when you’re eating.

You’ve really been enjoying graham crackers lately, and Chelsea is always very accommodating if it means she can have some too!

We bought you a couple of sippy cups the other day, but it appears that you’re taking after your big sister and preferring a regular cup early on!

You have four teeth on the bottom, one canine poking through and THREE other teeth coming down on top. You poor thing.

You like to join me when I’m singing and it is the sweetest thing ever.

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You are still my little snuggle bug.

You still love it when Mommy dances with you and tosses you gently in the air (most of the time).

You’re not waking up in the night really anymore and EVERYONE is grateful for that!

You’re taking two naps a day, but unfortunately we have a hard time being consistent. We’ll work on that.

You’re still very attached to Mommy, but yesterday and the day before you weren’t nearly as clingy. You crawled around and played by yourself for most of the day and it was so much fun to see you explore!

We have stairs in our house but, luckily, you haven’t really ventured upon that frontier. You avoid it unless Mommy has gone downstairs and doesn’t come back up quickly enough.

You still smile and giggle with Chelsea more than anyone else. She also teases you more than anyone else! One of her favorite games to play with you is fetch, but you never actually get the ball or whatever it is before Chelsea runs and scoops it up just before you can get it! She’s a tease and you have a strong resilience for it. You hardly ever complain.

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Still gotta thing for that binki and that super soft blankie!

Your eyes and your smile still melt me.

We still all love to make you smile and laugh, and you still hold all of our hearts in your tiny hands.

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We love you Alexa, dear!


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