The Stange Family Magic Show + WE MOVED!

January 21, 2017
Okay, it has been WAY too quiet around here recently. Well, not around my house, definitely not. Quiet is not something that ever really happens here, but on the blog? too quiet...

Let me tell you what's been going on! We MOVED! Our lovely old house was just starting to feel a little cramped + Andrew was getting really tired of scraping off his windows in the morning and freezing his patootie off! It was time for an upgrade.

We didn't move too far away, just about 10 minutes from where we were before, but we love our new home!

Everything happened SO FAST! We listed it on Monday, two days later we were under contract, and about a month after that, we were gone! I hardly even had time to process what was going on. In fact, it didn't really hit me that we were moving until I did the dishes in that home for the last time!

I felt like I was prepared for most everything you expect when you move. What I didn't expect was not feeling at home in the new home, ya know? We loved the new house so much, I thought that homey feeling would just be there. But it wasn't, and that was kinda hard.

I decided to share how I was feeling with my wonderful friend, Mariasha, and she gave me some great adivce...

Get out your camera!

Take some pictures! Make some home videos! Make memories! Until there are memories, a house just isn't a home.

So that's what I did! I made a few home videos and took some pictures and I really do feel like this new house is our home now. Sure, there are still things to get used to, but we've already begun filling our home with memories, and that feels good.

I'll always love and be grateful for our first house. We brought home two babies to that house and watched our oldest baby grow into toddler and little girl-hood. We made cookies (remember those cookie cups?) and celebrated birthdays and Christmas. We even made Magic Shows!

I used to make these magic shows with my brothers and sisters when I was little and loved it! I'm happy that it was one more happy memory we got to make in our dear little house!

Thanks for stopping by today! See you next time!

Question: What games or traditions do you have with your siblings that you want to pass down? Leave a comment!

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