Alexa – 3 months

October 17, 2014
Nothing manifests the passage of time like the growth of a child. I’m still trying to figure out where my first baby went and who gave her permission to grow up. And now, someone’s telling Alexa to do the same.

Growing up is a strange thing. It can be sad and exciting at the same time! I remember the first time Chelsea tasted chocolate. It was the first thing she had ever tasted other than mother’s milk (what a way to start, right? Thanks Grandma). For her, it was an entirely new experience that changed her world completely. For me, it was fun to see her try something new, and also a little sad because it was just another marker in my daughter’s life, indicating that the time that I had with her as a baby was slipping away.

Conversely, I’ll never forget when she took her first few steps, how proud I was and how ecstatic I felt over those tiny 9-month feet, one placed wobbly in front of the other without assistance from the table, the couch, or mommy’s finger.

Now, here I am, two-and-a-half years down the road of motherhood with two beautiful daughters who love and depend on me, their mother. I suppose that, just like my darling three-month old and my energetic two-year-old, I’m growing, too. What a blessing it is for us to be able to grow together!

Alexa continues to be a little light in our family! Every morning, Chelsea can’t wait to see Alexa. She has become a very talkative little girl. I wonder what I would learn if I could truly understand her.

IMG_7316 edit01
She has also learned that if she purses her lips together and blows, she can make bubbles. That would be why her 3-month sticker didn’t last in its perfect state very long!

Alexa continues to smile and laugh at me, her sister, and her father. She has such a joyful spirit!

She is my cuddly baby. She doesn’t mind being held close to my chest and just snuggling there. I think that it makes her feel safe when she has something or someone to hold on to. When putting her to sleep or just helping her calm down, I can almost always succeed simply by inserting her binki, and readjusting her blanket so that she can hold it in her little hands.

threemonthcollage05IMG_7340 edit01

I love you, my little Alexa!

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