Tutorial: Halloween Jar Luminaries

October 15, 2014
jar luminary tutorial 06
This is another quick, easy, and CHEAP craft for you busy moms out there! I love the look it gives to my entertainment center and how it sort of brightens up my home! If I weren’t worried about the crepe paper catching fire, I would do this to my pumpkin scented candle, too!

You will need:
orange crepe paper
black construction paper
tea candles/light (please consider using the kind that run off batteries so your crepe paper won’t catch fire and burn your house down)

luminary step01
Lay your jar out on your crepe paper and measure the height of your jar. Cut a long strip of crepe paper to that measurement, long enough to wrap around the jar once.

luminary step02
Lay out your piece of crepe paper and your jar on top. Tape one end of crepe paper to the jar, then roll your jar until the paper is wrapped around it completely.

luminary step03
Use a second piece of tape to secure the paper (I would suggest using clear tape for the outside of the jar).

luminary step04
Cut out eyes, a nose, and a mouth from black construction paper and tape them to the outside of the crepe paper. Insert tea light and, voila! Done.


Now for the Mummy Jar Luminary.

mummy jar luminary tutorial 01
You will need:
black construction paper

mummy step01
Cut out one long piece of cheesecloth (about 4” wide and long enough to go around your jar 3-4 times). Wrap the cheesecloth around your jar and tuck the end of the cheesecloth piece inside the wrapping. Cut out eyes and a mouth and tuck them inside the cheesecloth wrapping as well. Insert tea light and done!


Happy Halloween!


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    1. Thanks Laurie! It was SO easy and I love the look it gives to my home! I didn't really feel Halloween-y until I got them made and up on my entertainment center.


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