Tutorial: Ghost Tree

October 3, 2014
First of all, I’d like to say welcome if you’re new to my blog! I hope you find some fun ideas here that will inspire you to have a little fun yourselves! Miss Alexa from He and I let me take over her blog today with a guest post about 10 tips for beginning seamstresses. Make sure you stop by to see what tips could help you.

I am so excited to share my first Halloween craft with you today! It was such a fun craft to make and hardly cost me a dime! I already had the white Christmas lights, the nail, the mod podge (which is actually just Elmer’s glue mixed with some water), the tape, and a few other things to make this craft convenient and cheap! I’m guessing quite a few of you out there already have a lot of these materials on hand too.

So let’s get started!

You will need:

ping pong balls (I bought a pack of six)
a nail
sharpie marker
masking tape
wax paper
mod podge (or Elmer’s glue)
tree branches
flower pot
floral foam
white twinkle lights

Use your nail to poke holes through the label into the ping pong balls. You won’t need a hammer, just some applied pressure from your hand will do the trick. Make the holes large enough for the twinkle light to fit inside.

Use your sharpie marker to draw the faces on your ghostly friends.

Cut your cheesecloth into 8x16” rectangles so that, when folded in half, they make 8x8” squares.

Make masking tape mountains for your ping pong ball ghosts so they have some distance from your work surface. I used ice trays to give added distance, but you can also use an egg carton. Also, tear pieces of wax paper to fit in between each of the ghosts.

Mix some water with your mod podge (or Elmer’s glue) until it is runny. Fold your cheesecloth pieces in half and immerse them in the mod podge mix (this is where it gets messy). Use your fingers to pinch and wipe off any excess mod podge.

Lay your cheesecloth pieces over the tops of your ping pong ball ghosts and drape them carefully, making sure that none of the ghosts touch each other. This is where the wax paper is important because you don’t want the cheesecloth to stick to anything but the ping pong ball. Let the ghosts dry for 24+ hours (I hid mine on top of my refrigerator to keep curious little hands curious elsewhere).

Get your ghost tree ready! We’ve had dead tree branches in our backyard all summer from trimming our Apricot tree so I picked a couple of branches and inserted them into floral foam, put them in a pot, and covered all that with rocks.

Now, wrap your twinkle lights around your branches.

Choose where you want your ghosts and connect them to a twinkle light. If you need, you can use twisty ties to secure your ghosts in position.
Plug in the lights and watch your tree shine!

IMG_7014 IMG_7015
I also want to tell you about a special meeting that is taking place this weekend in Salt Lake City and that will be broadcast world-wide. This weekend we have the opportunity to listen to a Prophet’s voice, giving us peace, hope, comfort, warning, and guidance from the Lord. You can watch these messages live starting tomorrow on the internet here. I know that if you will listen with an open and humble heart, you will receive the answers that you’re looking for. I know that every time I listen, I learn, and I feel peace.

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