Photography: Alexa’s Baby Blessing Dress

October 24, 2014
I don’t often buy patterns from the store because I don’t like the price-tag, but some patterns are worth buying. The ones that you know you’ll use again, and the ones that have a pretty generic look that you could easily adjust to your needs. The good thing about buying patterns, too, is that you learn a lot about pattern making when you study and use the ones you buy from a store. I definitely have a few patterns that I absolutely love!

^^photo via "Becoming a Seamstress: 10 Tips for Beginners," a guest post I wrote for Alexa Zurcher's blog, He and I^^

Anyway, this blessing dress I made from a pattern I bought from Hancock (Simplicity 1701A) but adjusted it to look just the way I wanted. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, and I think Miss Alexa is, too!

IMG_7195 edit01

IMG_7226 edit01
IMG_7240 edit01
IMG_7284 edit01
Oh, how I love my little Alexa! Click here to read about her actual blessing day.

P.S. I’ve considered calling myself “The Stay-in-Bed Photographer” because just about all of the photos I take are on my bed! What do you think? Is it cute and catchy or does it just make me sound lazy?

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