Halloween Party 2014

October 20, 2014
My, what a weekend it’s been! Not only did I get to spend Saturday evening dressed up with my family and best friends, but I also became an aunt two times over! And they’re not even twins! of course when you’re the last of twelve grown-up kids, some birthdays are bound to overlap.

We started planning our Halloween party at least a month ago at one of our girl’s nights. We planned the food, the treats, the games, etc., and shared the load together. The result, was a great time! There was ghost bowling, bobbing for apples (and pears), a bean bag toss, and a doughnut on a string eat off at the end of the night! The bobbing for apples/pears and the doughnut on a string competitions were my favorites!

IMG_7458 edit01
IMG_7459 edit01
IMG_7461 edit01
IMG_7467 edit01
IMG_7469 edit01
IMG_7472 edit01
IMG_7487 edit01
IMG_7493 edit01
IMG_7521 edit01
IMG_7530 edit01
IMG_7540 edit01
IMG_7555 edit01
IMG_7557 edit01
IMG_7559 edit01
IMG_7563 edit01
IMG_7564 edit01
IMG_7565 edit01
IMG_7568 edit01
IMG_7570 edit01
IMG_7571 edit01  ^^ The winner! ^^

But what these Halloween parties are really all about are the costumes, and there were so many good ones! We had…

Jesse, Woody, Storm Trooper, Rainbow Dash

IMG_7504 edit01
Paul Bunyan, Rosie the Riveter, Venom, Wolverine

Wolverine 2, Storm, Bat Girl, Wonderwoman

Gypsy, Hokey Player, Superman, Spiderman

IMG_7486 edit02
Bat Girl 2, Minnie Mouse, Queen Elsa

Prince Charming, Fairy Godmother, Cinderella, Little Mouse

IMG_7517 edit01
Cowboys, and Indians

We had so much fun eating good food, playing games, showing off our costumes, and just conversing with one another. It’s definitely a night to put in the books, or on my blog in this case. I feel so blessed to be living where I am and to know all of these wonderful people and their adorable children. They help me out in so many ways, by making me feel special and loved and are such great examples to me. Thanks so much for making October 18th just about the best Halloween party I’ve ever attended, ladies + families!

And congratulations Karissa and Scott on the birth of little Derek, and congratulations Jim and Kim on the birth of little David. We love babies in this family!
One last thing: I posted two new items in my Etsy shop this weekend. There are two tulle skirts available for purchase, but there’s only one of each color, so once they’re gone, they’re gone, plus, they are going for a great price! Be sure to stop by my shop and see what kind of deal I’m talking about (click on the picture to be taken to the Etsy listing). See ya!

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