Turning 25 and Disneyland

May 27, 2015
This past birthday was the best yet! I got to spend it with two of my favorite people at the most magical place in the world!

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Andrew and I have been so excited to take Chelsea to Disneyland! We made sure to watch and re-watch all the Disney movies we had with her, listen to Disney music at every chance, even watch YouTube videos that give a full tour of the park! I loved when Chelsea would ask me, “Should we go to Disneyland today?” She was so excited!

When the day finally did arrive, we gave Alexa a hug and kiss, packed up our bags with some snacks and other possible essentials at Disneyland, and headed out. If I had a dime for every time someone told me not to take a 3-year-old to Disneyland because she wouldn’t remember it… I’m glad we didn’t listen.

Chelsea. Had. A. Blast.

And she behaved so well! We didn’t bring a stroller, so she was walking or riding on Daddy’s shoulders all day, but it was nice to not have to find parking or pack it up. Of course that also meant there wasn’t really anywhere for her to take a nap, but, somehow, we made it through the whole day with hardly a tantrum or a tear shed! Disneyland truly is a magical place!
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There are a few things we did in advance that I think helped our trip sail smoothly and a few things that I think may have helped, had we thought to do them.

Snacks are a must!

Convenience because if your toddler gets tired, they can rest. Inconvenient because you have to park them at designated stroller parking spots. We made do without.

Give clear expectations!
Before going to the park, tell your toddler what you expect of them and explain to them that it is a big park and a lot of people are there so it would be easy to get lost.

Make it easy to be reunited with your child
We used a sharpie pen to write our phone number on Chelsea’s arm, just in case.
RainThe first bit of our morning was rainy. I’m glad I thought to pack some extra shoes for Chelsea, but my shoes were totally soaked through! I was still able to have a great time despite every sodden footstep, but do your best to be prepared for anything and check the weather!

Happy Birthday Button
If it’s your toddler’s birthday, go get a button from Town Hall to get special attention from Cast Members wishing your toddler a happy birthday!

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Fantasyland and Toon Town
With a toddler, this is probably where you’ll be most.

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^^Also, be considerate of mothers trying to take pictures of their little daughter trying to lift the sword out of the stone #thanksalot^^

Between Labor Day and Thanksgiving, and February through April, especially on weekdays, the park is a lot less crowded than normal.

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Fast Passes

The Royal Court in Fantasyland
This is where most of the princesses hangout.

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Characters are worth the wait!

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Fantasyland Theater Shows
The shows are fantastic and it’s a nice break from all the line-standing.

If you’re planning on staying late, get a fast pass to Fantasmic (you get better seats/standing space). Chelsea LOVED this show! If you and your kiddo(s) can make it, do.

There are photographers all over the park and they usually have an assistant. The assistant will take photos for you with your own camera if you ask!

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We had such a fabulous time riding on all the rides, watching the parade, and meeting some of the characters. I have no regrets about taking my three-year-old, and honestly, I think she will remember the experience! Chelsea remembers stuff remarkably well! And I don’t see how should could EVER forget meeting Eeyore and tickling his nose or Queen Elsa and Princess Anna wishing her a happy birthday! I know I will never forget it!

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So it was a happy birthday to me, but the thing that made it the best birthday ever was that I created a day of magic for my favorite little 3-year-old. I’m so glad I got to spend my special day with some pretty special people.

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  1. Happy Birthday!!! I have been to Disney World in Florida, but never to Disneyland. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!


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