4th of July Outfit - 2015

July 6, 2015
This week I've been at Bear Lake at a big Dodds family reunion! This reunion included my parents, my siblings (all 10 of them), their spouses, and their children. I think all together that made 63 people! It was one full house that managed to stay pretty organized. Thank goodness for older cousins who really helped keep track of all the little ones.

Anyway, we had a ton of fun, but I'll tell you about that later. The point is, I wasn't able to post my 4th of July outfit until today because I was having a fabulous time reconnecting with family and watching my children play and get to know their cousins.

So, sorry it's late! But here's my look for Independence Day!
As always, fashion photos courtesy of Mariasha Rowland Photography!

I'm all about using what you have! Everything I'm wearing is old or thrifted and refashioned (other than the Navy Blue Vans). My closet doesn't include a whole lot of red so I decided to make up for the deficiency with red flowers in my hair.

this is the lovely lady that's always behind the camera! it was high time we had a photo together! you're the best, mariasha!

So blessed to be living in this country and so grateful to the ancestors who brought me here.

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