CrEATe Donuts!

August 8, 2016
You guys. I am SO excited to tell you about CrEATe Donuts and the amazing, stupendous, fabulous, awesome, SUPER fun get-together we had there a couple of weeks ago!

Delicious desserts, good company, and chalkboard walls for the kiddies to draw on are the key ingredients for a good time!

You know what other ingredients make for a good time? A Bar Donut, Nutella Mousse and whipped cream filling, vanilla and maple glaze, plus cookie butter and Oreos sprinkled on top. All for less than 3 bucks. Mmmmmmmmm.....

Seriously. So good. And you know who invented that amazing combo? THIS MAMA, RIGHT HERE! That's what makes CrEATe so different and SO delicious!

Chelsea's first creation consisted of a regular donut plus strawberry glaze, sprinkles, marshmallows, and M&M's on top. Really, the combinations are endless!

Here are a couple of other amazing combos from the imaginations of some of the amazing women present at our get-together!

And I haven't even mentioned the gelato and sorbet yet! I've tried the Raspberry sorbet, the Vanilla Gelato, the peach sorbet, and the Mango gelato, each just as delicious as the last and there's so much more!

The shop itself has the greatest feel and ambiance to the whole thing! It's totally centered around creating things with gears on the walls (that actually turn!), bicycle stools for sitting, and chalkboards on the wall for creating works of art! You walk in here and you just feel inspired! Plus, you're hit with all the delicious smells and whatever issues you might be dealing with outside are left out there. This is where you indulge yourself in your favorite tastes and spend time renewing old relationships and developing new ones!

Honestly, looking at all of these photos makes me want to cry tears of joy! I don't know if any of these ladies will really understand how much it meant to me that they took time out of their days and busy schedules to get together with a bunch of other women, some who they knew, and some who they didn't! Some of these ladies drove all the way from Farmington! That's about 40 minutes people! For donuts. In my opinion, the dessert was worth it, and the company certainly was, too.

Here's the thing I love most about social media: You see these people and get to know them online and learn that they are wonderfully beautiful and talented individuals. Then you meet them in real life and you know what? They're exactly the same! And it's like, even though you've never really met them, you've known them for so long! They're the same on screen as off. So real.

And I feel like, because you're able to say what you really want to say, explain yourself, and tell your story from your perspective totally uninterrupted, people understand you better, and that feels really good. What an amazing thing social media is! I'm so glad I get to be a part of this online community where I often feel inspired, capable, and confident. I support you and I often feel that support reciprocated.

Really this whole experience at CrEATe has led me to this conclusion: There are good, kind, and amazing people that are worth getting to know everywhere.

A HUGE thank-you to LaDonnia and CrEATe for hosting us, and a HUGE thank you to all these awesome ladies (+ kids!) that came out! We'll definitely be doing one of these again!

9305 South Village Shop Drive,
Sandy, UT, 84094 


  1. It really was so good! Thank you for finding this place!

  2. No problem!!! It really was SO YUMMY!!! And it was SO good to meet you! You are every bit as sweet in real life as on social media!


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