Chelsea's 5-year interview

June 18, 2017

It's a month late, but here it is! Chelsea's 5-year interview! I love doing these interviews because I feel like you really get a feel for Chelsea's personality, and you get some pretty good blackmailing material for the future! ;)

So here's basically what I know about Chelsea: Her favorite parts of anything are everything, but she doesn't like anything. Make sense? No? Welcome to my world. ;)

Chelsea is athletic, competitive, tenacious, smart, energetic, passionate, and spirited through-and-through! She is my little helper, especially when it comes to Barrett. I never have to ask her to help twice when it comes to him. Their relationship is something special.

She likes sandwiches, but not the crusts.
Her favorite act of service is drawing pictures for others
She can write and spell her own name and "Mom"
Keeps us all active and busy
Likes to wear my makeup sometimes, especially the eye-shadow
Pretend play is her usual playtime activity, preferring babies and/or animals
Loves to make us all laugh

There are so many things that make Chelsea who she is, but I think the main things are her ability to forgive, her ability to make connections, her ability to feel emotions deeply, her athleticism, and her giving heart. She is constantly an example to me.

This video is definitely not one of my better creations (I was trying out a new software and I need A LOT more practice), but the main thing is that I get to hear and see her about her life after 5 years of living it!

I love her so much. Like, a hundred MILLION!


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