July 4, 2009

October 7, 2012
Here's the story of our first kiss:

I went with Andrew to his grandparents’ house in Utah over the 4th of July Weekend and had the most AMAZING time! There was always something to do and his family is so great! We left Wednesday and visited with Andrew's grandparents that night, then stayed up until 3:00 just talking, cuddled up on the couch together. Thursday morning, Andrew, Shaun, Michael and I got in the car and went to Lagoon. We spent the morning on all of the rides, and then went to Lagoon-A-Beach in the afternoon. The sad thing was that, right when we went to the water part of the park, the clouds covered the sun. Well, we all wanted to go on the ride, Wicked really badly, so we stood in line FOREVER while rain was pouring down on our heads and none of us had changed out of our bathing suits! Of course the guys had on their swimming shorts and shirts, and I had my shorts and my swimming shirt on too, but it definitely was very, VERY cold! The sweet thing about this, however, is the way that Andrew treated me. Me being the girl and having a boyfriend, I had a bit of an advantage. I got to cuddle up next to Andrew, and he kept me warm the entire time we were in line. Of course, this made him colder and he complained, but he held me anyway. I just remember how warm I felt and content. It felt very nice.
After Lagoon, we went back to Andrew's grandparents’ house and took showers so we could go to a place called The Pie for dinner (Pizza). We went to see Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen after that, but none of us really liked it. That night, we stayed up late just talking and we had a super good conversation, just about what we wanted in life, and what was most important to us, etc. It was a really good conversation.
July 3 (Friday), we slept in a little bit, but not for long. We went to The Gateway and just moseyed around the shops a little bit. All the boys bought something, and I was the only one who didn't. Kind of ironic, but I didn't see anything I liked, and I wasn't really in the shopping mood anyway. After The Gateway, we waited around the house until Andrew's family came for the 3rd of July BBQ that Andrew's grandma (Sister Wilson) throws every year. Everyone came around 6:30 and it was so much fun! All the little boys were jumping all over Andrew, trying to tackle him, and he just smiled, and tackled them back. They tried tackling me a couple times as well, but I always ended up just running away, and leading them to Andrew. ;) Andrew's little cousin, Nate was so cute! He just ADORES Andrew! He hardly ever left his side! When I first met him, Andrew was talking to him, and Nate sneezed into his hand, looked at it, then held it an inch away from Andrew's face and said, "Look." It was hilarious!
I really had a great time with Andrew's cousins, too! I started to get pretty close with the girls. Claire, Tilda, Maggie, and Sydney are the main ones I really got to know. Sydney is a darling! I was talking with her, and I asked what she liked to do. She replied that she liked to play with her friends. I said,
"Well, you're playing with me. Does that mean we're friends? Are we best friends?" She replied,
"Yes!" and gave me a hug. It was adorable. Then, as we were playing, I called her Sista' a couple times and a little later, she called to me,
"Come on Sista'!" What a darling!
After the BBQ, we all went up the hill to the golfing course where we watched the fireworks. It was amazing, and a lot of fun. We didn't stay up super late that night because we were too tired.
The next morning, we went with Andrew's Uncle Clay Wakeboarding and THAT was a lot of fun! We got some sweet pictures and just had a great time. That night, we went to the baseball game, and it took SO long! We sat on the grass just talking and complaining about the length of the game. Finally, the game finished and we got onto the field to watch the fireworks show. This is when I had been hoping that Andrew would kiss me for the first time, the reason why I held out for so long, but when it actually got down to it, I decided that I didn't want him to kiss me then. 1, there were a lot of people around us and 2, ash was falling all over us from the fireworks, so I wasn't too disappointed when I didn't get my kiss... Until later that night....
We got home at 12:30 and Andrew and I cuddled up once more on the couch. He had turned on the TV and I asked,
"Are you watching this?"
"Well, I was just thinking, that if you weren't really watching it, we should turn it off." Profound, I know. In any case, he turned it off and we started talking. Finally, I said, trying to provoke him,
"Andrew? Why are you afraid of me?"
"Because you're smarter than me." The dork!
"Yeah right!" I scoffed, and he laughed. We followed that for a bit, and he got really close to me a couple times, but I did NOT give in. Finally, I just said, once again trying to provoke him,
"Andrew, I refuse to be the man in this relationship! You need to step up and be a man!" He teased me for a bit longer, but finally kissed me.

Here are some pictures!


The Pie

3rd of July picnic and fireworks

Wakeboarding: I'm so cool!

 Bee's baseball game

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