5 senses

October 10, 2012
I was reading one of my favorite blogs (The Freckled Fox, a.k.a. Life etc.) and on her "What I Wore" post, she suggested writing a blog post about the five senses. So that's what I'm going to do today, BUT.... in poetic verse.

Today I saw
Some gold and green
As I looked through the leaves
At these fruit things.

I tasted the sweetest
And ripest flavor!
The pears I picked
I wanted to savor!

The morning smelled crisp
And what's more!
The smell of warm house
Is what I adore!

I feel the chill
As it brushes my cheek
And the leaves crackle
Beneath my feet.

I hear the clock
Ticking away.
Goodbye, my friends,
And have a nice day!

Sue, Drew, and Chelsea too!


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