Tune in Tuesday! Me and Andrew

October 9, 2012
Good morning everybody! It's a tune in Tuesday! Today I'm going to share with you one of Chelsea's favorite songs, and one that I feel correctly depicts my relationship with Andrew.

So let me tell you why this describes me and my husband.
When Andrew and I first met in college, I was taking 18 credits (busiest, but BEST semester of my life!) because I tried out for and made the Collegiate World Dance team at BYU-Idaho, which is kind of a funny story...
At the end of my beginning clogging class, my teacher Jackie told us about collegiate dance tryouts. I decided "What the heck! Maybe I'll go try out." So I did. I had originally planned to try out for either the Collegiate Ballroom or Collegiate Contemporary team, but when I got there and saw how serious the dancers looked that were trying out for those teams, I changed my mind, although the World Dance tryouts didn't go very smoothly either.
We started out learning a bit of an Irish dance and I thought, "This isn't so bad! I could do this!" Then we moved on to a Russian dance and my smile quickly turned into a frown. From there, it only got worse, and as soon as the clogging portion of the tryout started, I was pretty close to giving up and going home.
The moves they were teaching were completely new to me. Not to mention they didn't exactly show the dance to teach us. They mostly said terms and expected us to know it. At one point, they asked for a Canadian Double. I was feeling brave and asked what a Canadian Double was. I'm pretty sure they all thought I was an idiot. So they showed me what it was, and somehow it just clicked. The rhythm of the "clicks" came out clearly in the way they moved their feet and after I asked, "Like this?" my movement brought out the same rhythm and sound. Divine intervention is all I can say about that.
When I left the tryout, I immediately called my mom to tell her about it. I laughed as I told her that I had completely flopped! I said, "If I open my e-mail tomorrow and find out that I made the team, I'm just going to laugh!" The next day was a very funny one.
Later, when I was better friends with my dance coach, I decided to ask her how I made it onto the team because when I read the e-mail, I seriously thought they had made a mistake. She looked at me and said, "Do you know how long it normally takes people to learn a Canadian Double? I showed you that once and you had it!"
Anyway, so I'm a dancer. I'm also a singer and not especially shy. I would totally be the person that would join an impromptu number like this and even star in it if I had the opportunity. Plus, I've always wanted to be a princess. Andrew is definitely NOT that kind of a person. He does NOT enjoy singing and although one of my fondest memories was when he came to BYU and took me to a dance and he was pretty good, he does not particularly enjoy dancing.
So the part in this song when he says "I don't dance," and "I really don't sing" are completely typical of my husband, but let me tell you what I love most about this video. At 3:47 in this video, you see Robert shaking his head to the beat. This is where you get a peek into his true character. Although Andrew is quiet and reserved for the most part, secretly he enjoys my passion and energy, even when channeled into silly things! I know that he will always support me in whatever I choose to do and although he doesn't join in the dance and song that everyone seems to know, every now and again I see that little bobble of his head and I know that he loves me.

Valentines Day Ward Dance - BYU Provo 2010



 Love these girls! Collegiate World Dance Spring 2009


  1. Oh my gosh, Lisa is in those pictures! My very good friend and roommate Lisa :) That's so cool! I remember now her telling me she did the dance team. how funny is that?

    1. No way? Small world! Being a part of those girls was a BLAST!

  2. I love this! Enchanted was such a good movie and it was so cute! I'm the outgoing one in our marriage too. So happy that you have a supportive honey. :o)

    1. No kidding! Did you ever wonder if you would ever accidentally embarrass your poor hubby? I most definitely did, but that's another fantastic thing about him... He doesn't get embarrassed by my very outgoing personality!

  3. Isn't it great how personalities can "fit" even though they're so different. Appreciating the differences is a big part of happiness in marriage. I can totally see you as Giselle and Andrew as Robert!

    1. Absolutely! For instance, although I am super cool and Andrew is average, I appreciate that about him. :)


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