Happy Halloween!

October 31, 2012
Happy Halloweeeeeen! This was my absolute favorite song in elementary school to sing about Halloween!

Here's another favorite! Last year for Halloween I was in a first grade classroom with my fantastic little first graders. No, these ones aren't mine, but they remind me of my students and I sure do miss them!

No joke, Halloween was my inspiration for learning how to sew. Every year for Halloween, my mom would take me to the fabric store and let me look through the magazines until I found the costume I wanted for Halloween and then she would make it for me. I have been a princess, a witch, a southern bell (one of my favorites!), and a few others. I've always wanted to be able to do the same for my little girl.
Well, this first Halloween's costume isn't anything huge for our little Chelsea, but it was fun to dress up this weekend for a party with my side of the family.

 This is what Andrew and I made for the get-together appetizer.

 Can you guess what we were?

Ta-da! Farmers and a sack of Potatoes! I know. I got REALLY creative!

Happy Halloween!

Today is Halloween!
And don't you think it's keen?
We get dressed up
And with some luck,
Our neighbors won't be mean!

We'll get ourselves some treats!
The King Size can't be beat!
If they say no,
Then off we go
To the next house on the street!


  1. CUTE costumes! I love the sack of potatoes - she's the cutest sack of potatoes I ever did see! She must be an Idahoan at heart. ;)

    P.S. So does this mean that the mustache can go now? Hee hee hee

    1. You got it! No stache November! That thing will be gone tomorrow. And thanks! We duz luv r ta-terz!

  2. I love your costumes, Susan. All three of you are way cute. BTW, I went VTing the day before Halloween and my companion was telling me about her family's costumes - She and her husband were going to be robbers, and their baby a sack of money! She copied you!

    1. Hahaha! Well I guess I can't be too surprised! It wasn't really my idea, either. I admit I got it off Pinterest! Thanks!


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