Sewing with Corduroy

September 13, 2012
So I'm working on a new project that I'm really excited to share with you here on the blog! My mom gave me this fantastic blue corduroy and I decided, "Hey! I've never made pants for myself before. I'm gonna make some pants!" So I busted out my scissors and another pair of pants (I'll explain why I needed another pair of pants in the tutorial) and I started cutting the first leg. When I finished cutting the first leg, I turned the rest of my fabric around (because there was more room on the opposite side) and cut the other leg. Here is the sad result...
I didn't know that direction, other than making sure the lines match up, made a difference! I was sad... To make things worse, I was borrowing this old woman's serger to do it and didn't find out until then... How embarrassing.
The good news is, I've found a way to solve my problem. Keep checking back for the tutorial to see what I did!

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