Mom: Rock Star, Spy, Princess

September 26, 2012
Happy Hump day! We're at the hump of the week and it's all downhill from here! What better way to celebrate than to make some delicious English Muffins, and lucky for you, I have a delicious recipe right here on my blog (what a coincidence! *wink wink*) If you haven't tried it out yet, I would definitely go do it... right now and visit Life of Lovely while you're at it to say hi and thanks for the recipe!
While you eat your English Muffin daintily (is there any other way to eat an English Muffin?), enjoy my latest poem. I think you'll really like this one!

Last night when I got
Home from Joanns
I looked at my baby.
My biggest fan!

She's like my best groupie
And goes where I go
She's here when I eat,
She's here when I sew.

I realized with her
I'm more than mom.
I'm also Ethan Hunt!
You know, Tom!

As she sleeps in her car seat
After our trip.
Across her I reach
And bite my lip.

With severe concentration
I grab my bag
And slowly lift
The keys, they sag.

With just enough height
'Til my hand hits the roof,
I pull the bag towards me
And pray I don't goof!

And then I have it!
My precious purse!
And she's still asleep!
That could have gone worse!

I'm even a princess
As I gingerly sing
While washing the dishes
And cleaning more things.

Like Sleeping Beauty,
Ariel, or Snow White
I sing and dance.
I love my life!

In addition to rock stars
Princesses, and spies,
I'm a a janitor, a teacher,
And chauffeur in her eyes.

What woman isn't?
If you have any kids,
You're likely to find out,
The same as I did,

That all of these jobs
Make it possible to be
A mom to your children,
Just what they need.

So if anyone says,
"It's not cool to be Mom!"
Just remind them of rock stars
And say, "I'm da-bomb!"

What do you think? What other jobs does a mom have? What did I forget? Leave a comment and tell me what you think, I'm not a mind reader!


  1. Cute poem, Susan! Moms are also master chefs! :)

    1. That is so true! Even if Mom doesn't think she's the most talented chef in the world, she is still the Master Chef for her children!


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