May 3, 2009

September 8, 2012
I was going through my journal last night so I could write a correct timeline of our family and it was so fun to go through all those experiences and memories! I want to share some of those experiences with you, starting with May 3, 2009 when Andrew and I were at a church social.
Andrew and I had already met at this point and were part of the same FHE group (family home evening) in our college ward. However, by this time, I had decided that Andrew probably wasn't interested in me and started liking another boy instead named Jared. Here's what I wrote:

After church that day, at 3:00, we had a break-the-fast that was so fun! The dinner was pretty good, and the dessert was amazing! Jared and his roommates were pretty late, but they eventually came and I waved over at Jared, rubbing the seat next to me and said,
"I've saved a seat for you." I smiled at him, he smiled back and, was it a nod? I'm not sure. My memory isn't that clear. I began examining a little glass box that contained a weird coral looking figure with a  glass whale inside and some other figurine water creatures.
"It's interesting to me that they have these things, like this and that bird cage over there, but they don't have any real pets in them."
"That is interesting, but then they don't have to really take care of them."
"That's true," I agreed. "Maybe I'll do that someday when I have my own house. Then I don't have to worry about taking care of them." We talked for a while longer until Sheree found me and drug me down the stairs to talk to Bailey. As soon as I finished with them, my plan was to talk to Jared again, but I encountered Andrew on the way and he snagged me into a conversation about four-wheeling as a "single's awareness" activity with some of his friends and how he got in a wreck or something. We talked for a while longer until I told him that I had to use the bathroom.

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