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September 1, 2012
When you were a kid, we're you one of the kids that hated going to see the doctor? I wasn't really because my pediatrician had this awesome train that went around the ceiling of the entire office. It was almost like Mr. Rogers minus the puppets (sorry if I burst your bubble, but most of those characters aren't real).
Sadly, Chelsea's pediatrician doesn't have this at her office, and she's too young to enjoy lollipops at the end (I've considered taking one and eating it myself so she could enjoy lollipop milk, but according to Andrew, that doesn't count). But that's not one of my least favorite things. Close, but not quite...
No, my least favorite thing is actually a collection of things that you as a parent endure during a trip to the doctor.
First, there's the co-pay. Certainly less expensive than paying the whole thing yourself without insurance, but still not fun. Second, the nurses are always so quick about getting you into a room, but they get done so quickly that then (thirdly) you're left to wait for up to 45 minutes for your doc, all the while your child is screaming and/or crying. Then (fourth), when the doctor finally arrives, he spends about 5-10 minutes examining your child, diagnosing her, and telling you what to do to take care of the problem and you go home.
As bad as all that is, however, that's not even the worst of it... The worst is when you go through all of that, except when the doc diagnoses your child, they say, "She looks just fine!"
Great. Can I have a refund of my money and time, please?

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