Head, shoulders, knees, and toes!

September 5, 2012
All new, even the shoes!
One is bought, the other two not!

I kind of went crazy today with my sewing machine! Remember my polka-dotted headband? I had some left over material so I decided to make a shirt. Of course my outfit couldn't stop there! I got an old navy blue t-shirt (not the store Old Navy) and made a headband! To spice things up even more, I went shopping with my sis-in-law and found these shoes on sale!
What do you think? Comment if you want a tutorial!


  1. Sheesh, Susan! You are always making something adorable! I wish I had the time to sew!

  2. Thank's M'Recia! I absolutely LOVE it! Eventually you will find the time as well and make gorgeous projects yourself! Do you have a sewing machine?

  3. Dang girl, you are lookin' goooood after having a baby! I'm diggin' your creativeness. Maybe if I read your posts enough it'll rub off on me...just a teeny bit? :-)

  4. The only way to find out is to test the theory! :)


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