Family timeline

September 8, 2012
April 27, 2009
Andrew and Susan meet. Andrew comes to Susan's apartment with his roommates to say hi. Susan thinks "He's cute! I wanna go on a date with that guy!"
Andrew and Susan talk at social gathering. Andrew tries to impress Susan with story about surviving an ATV wreck. Susan is listening politely and waiting for a chance to leave conversation to go talk to Jared.

Andrew and Susan go on a date... With different people.

Andrew finally asks Susan on a date.

Susan goes to Andrew's soccer game and they spend four hours afterward talking.

Andrew and Susan decide to date each other exclusively and hold hands.

First kiss (Andrew says Susan instigated, but that's his version of the story).

Break up because long distance sucks.

Andrew starts calling Susan again.

Susan breaks it off and decides to go to BYU Provo, but that doesn't last long...

Andrew and Susan say I love you.

Andrew stops in Provo to visit Susan on the way to BYU-Idaho after not seeing one another in 5 months. Magic.

Andrew and Susan decide to try long distance.

Andrew gives Susan a really sparkly ring!

April 13, 2010
Susan goes back to BYU-I

July 31, 2010
Andrew and Susan are married!

August 2011
Andrew and Susan find out they're pregnant!

December 2011
Andrew and Susan graduate from college.

January 2012
Andrew and Susan move to North Salt Lake.

Chelsea is born!

July 2013
Our little family move into our first house!

March 2014
Andrew, Susan, and Chelsea "announce" they're pregnant again!

July 2014
Alexa is born!

August 2015
Andrew, Susan, Chelsea, and Alexa announce they're pregnant AGAIN!

November 2015
The Stange family discovers that their baby is a BOY!

February 2016
We're a family of five when Barrett is born!


  1. It is really fun to go back and see all of your special days together and then to read about them if you have a journal! If you end up doing it on your blog, make sure you share!


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