"These are a few of my least favorite things!"

September 19, 2012
My Least Favorite Things
Sung to the tune of: "My Favorite Things" from "The Sound of Music"

Big bumps and stretch marks we try to keep hidden.
Plump-faced and swollen feet, so we are sittin'.
Pink or blue presents? They're tied up in strings.
These are not some of my favorite things.

Ice to chew while we try to go all natural.
Hospital gowns we wear for epidurals.
Once the juice comes we feel like we could sing!
These are not some of my favorite things.

Girls in pink dresses with accents of milk stain.
Boys without diapers and breezes make rain.
They're born in winter, we wish it was spring!
These are not some of my favorite things!

When the babe poops!
When the scratch stings!
When they're feeling sad,
I simply remember my least fav'rite things
And then I don't feel so bad!

Have you ever noticed that when it comes to children/babies, some of your least favorite things can also be your favorite things? Those huge spit-ups, staying up with them late at night, and losing TONS of hair (okay, so that last one really ISN'T my favorite thing at all. Seriously, I shed worse than a dog!) are all totally worth it just to see our little one's smile or hear their laugh. The bond between a mother and her child (or a father and his child, for that matter) is truly a special thing.

 What are some of your favorite and least favorite things? What did I miss? Leave a comment and share if you're about to become pregnant, pregnant, already have a baby, or if your children are a bit older.


  1. bahaha...your poems crack me up.

    one of my least favorite things with my toddler is tantrums. but one of my most favorite things with him is when he uses the big boy potty :)

    a least favorite thing with my 7 mo. old is how squirmy she gets when I hold her. I just want her to be still and snuggle me! but its my favorite when she flaps her little chubby arms when she's happy :)

    1. Aw! I just had a beautiful mental picture of your little 7 mo. old doing the flap! LOVE it!

  2. Haha, this is awesome!

    Right now I'm not liking the lack of going-to-sleepness around these parts of the woods but all is made up when he gives me kisses on his own. So sweet!

    Jessica recently posted So, Foxes Make Good Pets, Right?.

    1. Amen to that! NOT a fan of the late nighters...

  3. My favorite... When T comes up to me with his minky blanket and says, "Mommy, I hold you? Do Snuggle bug?" Somehow all the least favorites always fade away when things like that happen :)

  4. At first I really struggled with the pain that came with nursing. I did not look forward to it and would pump for relief. Now it is one of my favorite things. I love spending the precious moments with just me and him. :)

    1. No one tells you how hard breast feeding can be! But I'm with you. It's definitely on my "One of my favorite things" list, now!


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