The last... melon...

September 7, 2012
My friend Tysha is having a baby in November and had the CUTEST idea for her baby shower! Instead of cards, she asked that people bring onesies that they think define themselves. I decided to take that one step further. Instead of finding a onesie that defined me, I decided to make one that would define our relationship, or at least, represent a good time we had together. So here's what I did...

So here's the story behind the last... melon...
One of our favorite movies was Ice Age (the first one). We particularly liked the part with the Dodo birds who are famous for the title of this blog post. Well, after Tysha got her driver's license, we were cruisin' by Smith's (grocery store) after buying some of those delicious Sour Patch Kids Melon Slices and nearly got in a wreck (it wasn't THAT close, but enough to startle us). We sheepishly laughed it off and shortly afterwards, I reached into the bag and pulled out a sour melon slice. I turned to Tysha and said, "If we die, I want to go to Heaven knowing that I offered you, the last... melon."
And that's why I put a melon on my onesie for Tysha and her first melon coming in November. Congratulations, Tysh!

I couldn't resist! This is my little melon trying on the onesie to make sure it looked okay!

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