Rich Raspberry Jam

September 6, 2012
My sis-in-law, Lauren and her husband went berry picking in Utah Valley last week. They were kind enough to share the fruit of their labors (get it, get it?) with us! We thought about doing a pie (which also would have been delicious), but went with some raspberry jam instead. Here's how we did it...

What you need:

That's it!
1. Mush your raspberries

2. Measure how much mushed raspberries you have and pour it all into a pot.
3. Boil the mushed raspberries until it reaches a rolling boil.

4. Add the same amount of sugar as the raspberries (so if you had four cups of raspberries, add four cups of sugar). Keep boiling until it looks like the sugar is all dissolved.

5. Remove from heat and use a hand mixer to mix the jam for about four minutes.

6. Pour jam into jars and refrigerate.

 It is sooooo delicious! I also found that if you stop at mixing (just after boiling the sugar), it becomes more like a pie filling mix! I'll try that one next and let you know how it turns out. Do any of you have any good jam recipes that I could try? Please share!

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