Fun-tastic weekend!

September 22, 2012
Hello one and all! Sorry that I've been a little absent today! It's been a busy weekend, for sure, but let me share with you the recipe for a fun-tastic time!
There are many recipes for the fun-tastic weekend. I decided to go with this one because it was productive and fun at the same time!

You will need:
AWESOME family
Happy Attitude
Baking supplies
Beautiful little daughter
Wonderful husband

1. The first thing you do on Friday is to wake up and feed your beautiful baby girl, and send your wonderful husband off to work with a kiss!

2. Next, you make yourself a delicious breakfast of Chex cereal!
3. Get yourself ready and head on over to the Verizon store.
4. Say goodbye to old phone (that only works when you use speaker phone) and say hello to new phone! Woot woot! Throw in a great iPhone case and you get one more fun-tastic point!

5. Play with your beautiful little daughter.

6. Make some delicious brownies!

6. Give Mom, Dad, and Uncle Chad a ride to the airport so that they can enjoy a 14+ hour flight to Australia to visit sister, all the while listening to Dad's advice about how to drive the car that you first learned on (thanks dad).
7. Go to the temple with a few fun-tastic young women.
8. Wake up on Saturday morning and have another delicious breakfast (this time you can choose).
9. Invite sister and her family over and spend some quality time together while the husbands work on installing an interior door!
10. Play at the park with said sister and family including your beautiful little girl.

11. Come home to finished interior door and give big hugs to family.
12. Give wonderful, hard-working husband a kiss.
13. Give beautiful little daughter a kiss!
14. Watch "Raising Arizona" with wonderful husband. If you haven't seen this movie, get on netflix right now and watch it. Seriously... right now.

15. End the night with smiles and at least one more kiss for both husband and daughter.

What's your recipe for a fun-tastic weekend? Share at least one ingredient and direction.

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